Survival and Austere Medicine (3.90 MB)

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    Survival and Austere Medicine (3.90 MB)

    What is preparedness/survival medicine? Our definition is: "The practice of medicine in an environment or situation where standard medical care and facilities are unavailable, often by persons with no formal medical training". This includes medical care while trekking in third world countries, deep-water ocean sailing, isolated tramping and trekking, and following a large natural disaster or other catastrophe.

    The basic assumption is that trained doctors and hospital care will be unavailable for a prolonged period of time, and that in addition to providing first aid - definitive medical care and rehabilitation (if required) will need to be provided. Also the basics of personal and public hygiene will also need to be considered.

    Austere medicine is the provision of medical care without access to modern
    investigations or technology.

    This work may be
    copied and distributed freely as long as the entire text and all disclaimers and
    copyright notices remain intact. This material may not be distributed for financial gain
    or included in any commercial collections or compilations.

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