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    Round Two:

    The idea here is that given a set of items you may/may not keep in your LTS (long term storage) you have to use the items and whatever YOU normally have in your preps. I think this will help everyone think outside the box, so to speak, on different ways we can use our preps in a time of need.

    Rules or guidelines (can be modified as we go, since I'm making this up attachFull47897 )
    • Must use all ingredients specified
    • Can use items you normally store
    • Can use "fresh" harvest/kill items (like, say you went squirrel hunting and now you have a mess of squirrels to eat up attachFull47898 )
    This is to share, create and use what you have. Simple and easy.

    apple sauce (canned or store bought)
    Freeze Dried Beef TVP


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  2. Witch Doctor 01

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    Nail the yam to a board and set it in front of a fire... wait 20 minutes... remove the yam and eat the board....

    Alternate ... place yams on the ground in front of the deer stand... wait for deer or other varmit shoot clean and cook....

    Can you tell that I hate yams....:censored:
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  3. chelloveck

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    Like Popeye......."I Yams what I Yams"
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  4. Motomom34

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    Those canned yams are gross but I bought lots of them and am needing a way to get rid of them. I think the nutrition is covered in toxins. But cannot waste and in a shtf most would take the good stuff and the yams would be the lone can standing. :)

    So here is my thought with that group of food-

    The quinoa can go for either a breakfast or dinner grain. I could mix the oatmeal and quinao and make a breakfast bar or pan type cake. The yams could be mashed up and added for moisture and nutrition. i have made pumpkin pancakes, plus have also made oatmeal (soaked) pancakes. Both are filling and you do not need syrup but if you need syrup one can make that easy-
    Brown sugar (heated), butter, water and a dash of vanilla. That is the poor man's syrup.

    I think one could combine the oatmeal, quinoa both dried, apple sauce (old lunch box staple), a few yams and bake or dry on the sun. I am going to try this, will report back.
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  5. chelloveck

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    I have made pumpkin scones....yam scones would probably be doable, and would be a little sweeter.
    I have added sweet potato (aka yams) to pumpkin sweetens the soup depending on proportions.
    Applesauce would be useful in a number of baking recipes.....or as a condiment to complement the porker you slaughtered for roasting. 15 Delectable Recipes Using Applesauce | Babble

    Oats and Quinoa could be made into a porridge with apple sauce as a sweetener and for flavour.

    The TVP could be converted into bolognaise sauce with the addition of can of chopped or crushed tomatoes thickened with some Quinoa and some tomato paste.
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  6. Ganado

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    Yams oats Tvp and make burgers or meatballs. fry em up serve over quinoa. ... have apple sauce for dessert
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  7. T. Riley

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    image. image.
    Cinnamon-Apple oatmeal muffins
    Beef Stew with carrots, quinoa and sweet potato (beef is chunky beef TVP from Harmony House)
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  8. Motomom34

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    I like the quinoa and yams because they can go either way, breakfast or dinner. Yams are easy to grow and have lots of good stuff that your body needs. Quinoa should be easy to grow. I picked up a packet of seed to try @Ganado's sprouting and there are quinoa seeds in the mixture so I will see how it goes. Versatility is good!
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  9. chelloveck

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    Yams / sweet potatoes make good stealth / guerilla gardening crops. Many folk wouldn't be able to identify it as a food crop, whereas most people could identify growing pumpkins, tomatoes, cucumbers, peas and beans as food. A good way of establishing a food reserve by planting in places not convenient for other crops.

    Yams/sweet potato are also a good source of stock food, and because they are not from the Solanaceae family of plants, alkaloid toxicity is not an issue.
    Via:Growing Sweet Potatoes - Bonnie Plants
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  10. Ganado

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    For growing most people use sweet potatoes and yams in pots of flowers to fill in greenery. so in a SHTF situation, digging in flower pots could be productive.

    Disney uses yams and sweet potato foliage to fill in their beds and gardens because 1) they are easy to grow 2) they are cheap. A tour of Disney nurseries is an enlightening experience for a gardener
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  11. T. Riley

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    @Motomom34 I have grown quinoa and store a lot of seeds. Bugs love the leaves so you have to keep them sprayed with something. They will eat the plan bare. Harvesting is not easy. I built a sleeve to rub the seed heads on allowing the tiny seeds to pass through. Some simply bend the stalk over and shake it in a five gallon bucket. Quinoa has become so popular in the US that it has skyrocketed in price in Peru and the poor have a hard time affording what was once a staple. It is the number 1 export of Peru, but American farmers are now growing it. It is one of the most productive grains with yield of up to 1,800 pounds per acre. High in calories it is a complete protein.
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  12. Motomom34

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    Thank you @T. Riley for the quinoa info. Excellent 1st hand knowledge.
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