Survival firearms, for people with a limited budget?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by survivalmonkey360, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. This category wouldn’t include me; generally I spare no expense and get the best of everything (within limits of course).

    But occasionally I run into someone who doesn’t own guns but wants to be more prepared.

    I’ve thought about it a while and IMO the best “arsenal on a budget” would be a cheap reliable handgun (a CZ52, or a used double action 38 revolver) for defense.

    I was thinking a shotgun for this role too, but you can’t conceal a shotgun very well, so I figured to give the most versatility for the price a handgun would be better.

    And for the second gun a single shot 22 rifle, for shooting rabbits, cats, deer (in the head) or other critters for food.

    And if necessary it can be used as a short range sniper rifle, it may be low powered but if you hit someone in the head they’re dead, and also it can be used as a close range assassination weapon if fitted with an improvised suppressor.

    I figure single shot because there are fewer parts to break no magazine to lose, and generally the single shot 22s are light and accurate, and generally some of the cheapest .22s around.

    So, what do you think of a handgun and a single shot 22 as a bare bones survival arsenal?
    What would you suggest for a bare bones survival arsenal?
  2. InjunScout

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    I think the H&R Handi Rifle would be great for someone on a budget. There only about $215 around here and available in just bout any caliber. You can also send it to H&R and have it fitted for an interchangeable shotgun barrel or muzzleloader barrel.
  3. RouteClearance

    RouteClearance Monkey+++ have had this discussion numerous times on this board and it has been beaten to death. The one concise answer has always been the same. "What ever works for you", for there is no definitive answer to your question.

    Now then, this board has been getting a lot of new members that have placed all emphasis of survival on firearms alone and this concerns me. What about your friend's skills, preps, plans, and so forth? This board is not solely based of firearms but "Survival" as a whole. You can have all the best weaponry money can buy, but if you cannot survive using "primitive"(practical) skills, then all of your weapons will do you no good. The supplied link is to a blog of a self reliant ex corporate type who addresses such types of individuals.
  4. ghrit

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    Good read, thanx. Your comment on recent posts concerning little else than arms is well taken, and noted here, too. That said, we remain hopeful that those coming here for relatively meaningless info on guns will also read some of the rest of what's here, and be guided away from the singlemindedness of shooting things as a way to survive TEOTWAWKI.
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    ozarkgoatman Resident goat herder

  6. SLugomist

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    What's funny though is some of us that have actually learned some skills, and prepped, will be crossing paths with the folks that think a weapon is survival. They'll be wandering with torn clothes and starving and we'll trade them a couple cans of beans for their ammo less weapon and send them on their way.
  7. This subforum is only about guns though; it is the firearms forum afterall. :D

    But anyway, sorry for bringing up an over used topic.
  8. InjunScout

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    Yeah, I'm sooooo sorry. I thought we were all here to chat. I was just chatting with the guy about good cheap guns. If you don't like it don't read it. But not to worry, I'm outta here.
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    Sorry, Sm360. You're in the right place, we sometimes overlook what sub-forum a new post is in, and there have been a couple of new folks lately that seemed unnervingly fixated on the firearms. You're seeing a delayed reaction to their posts.

    For your question: My opinion:
    I think a pistol and a 22 rifle are a pretty good basic starting point, but I would add a few points.

    1) CZ52 vs. 38/357 revolver. I beleive the revolver should get the nod. More dependable and easier to find ammo for, and if you go snubby, easy to conceal in your pants pocket.

    2) 22 rifle is a great, discreet food gathering tool but I would probably recommend something other than a single shot. The dependability of most common/popular 22 repeaters is amazing, and if it ever needs to be used for a defense situation, you'll greatly appreciate a high volume of lead downrange. I would also highly recommend not going for a headshot on a deer with one. If you're at close enough range for an accurate shot, a 357 into the lungs will reliably get you the meat. If it's longer range, note your location and come back later with a rifle or shotgun/slug. It may take you a few days to get another shot, but the protein would be worth it. Where there is one deer, there are more. Find their bedding areas, feeding areas, and the trails between, and you'll be in the grocery business.

    3) The weapon collection needs a finisher, and a simple pump 12 gauge is pretty tough to beat in price, effectiveness, dependability, or versatility as a defense weapon or for putting meat on the table. A selection of bird shot, buck shot, and slugs make it able to handle nearly any challenge. If you're out west, maybe a rifle would be more effective all around because of the ranges, but anywhere else, I'd probably go with the shotty.
  10. Tango3

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    +1 to blackjacks opening comments.
    This topic is done to death on every "survival" related board and blog. Because there is no one right answer.O course; You can ask but don't be offended
    if there isn't much participation,
    Here's yet another take.
    yup flogged to death is about right. Perhaps there'are folks who still want to persuade...
    depends on your definition of"survival"
    Controversial Clint Smith of thunder ranch thinks along the same lines I do ( er...we think "congruently").
    I've never been to "Thunder ranch"; so anybody who wants to start a"Clint smith is a"boob"thread: you'll be arguing with yourself.
    YouTube- Defensive Firearms

    YouTube- Defensive Shotgun
    yeah he's selling dvd's (and"thunder ranch")
  11. ghrit

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    +1 for Blackjack, he said it far more gracefully than I could.

    SM360, your question is really open ended, and we don't have enough to make good recommendations without knowing a lot more of the situation your "clients" intend to weather thru. There are a tremendous number of scenarios and situations that would make a recommendation difficult at best for a one size fits all resolution. (We sure have tried on this forum, it just ain't feasible.) We are happy to throw in our 2 cents if you can narrow it down a bit.

    No matter what, get your "clients' pointed toward familiarity with all sorts of bangsticks. The more folks with firearm skills, the better for all of us.
  12. Tango3

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    that bear ridge post was excellent reading..."brass horde" about right; we've all seenit.
  13. Tango3

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    Yeah that's your idea.
    I garun-tee their idea is (and I/ve seen it bragged about since the glossy magazine days of the late70's and early 80's)

    "If one guy has food the other has an hk 91 soon one will have both the food and the hk" I react pretty strongly to some of the firearms discussions around here this is one of the the underlying reasons...[rnt]I see a few others are starting to question this too.the"liveoff the land deer hunters get me too"oh its important to Learn some(?) "survival skills" and live off the land: shoot deer" Some seasons even the best deer hunters come up dry what's gonna happen if the cities empty out an 2.5 million knuckleheads are crashing through the forests from the cities with their 9mm's: deer are gonna be in downtown san diego or hunted or trapped to extinction.(no game laws in play).
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    Could not agree more. A whole lot of people would have to die really quick to make the live of the land deal work in most areas. To me I quess having the homestead is about the best I can come up with. Besides I'm no spring chicken these days and can no longer strap on a 60 lb backpack and weapons, then put 20+ miles under my boot heels in a day. :oops: Will I lose the homestead to a better armed/equipted group someday, well maybe. But I know I will be well feed, well rested, and I have the home court advantage as well, if they ever come for me.


  15. Tango3

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    You guys are doing it,sustainably, even the wealthiest"yuppie survivalist" is only good until his"hoarded stocks run dry. We're all coming there for salad and goat cheese.(not really.I figger you can probably shoot and hogs gotta eat)lol.
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    No need to shoot, I'll just send out the welcoming commity. [ROFL]

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    "Welcoming comitee?"
    bow-wow-wow-wow![​IMG] ?
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    [fnny][fnny][fnny]"Boy 'O Boy", the first picture looks better than the last two.
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    Apologies to large women with absolutely no fashion sense whatsoever...perhaps she's a stripper and is forced to wear the uniform by her employer??
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