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    Only problems I see with that Keith, is you don't know if the generator works, and if there is an exhaust leak. Being an attached garage means that carbon monoxide could get into your home with very unpleasant results.

    Be careful!
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    That issue is easily Solved, with a CO Detector, which you should have ANYWAY, as you have NG in the Garage, heating your Hot Water.... Just make SURE that you use a Flex Connection Pipe between the Genset Exhaust, and the rest of the Exhaust System.... The rest is easy....
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    This, Survival Monkey's OP, is one of the most informative, best conveyed posts on the subject I have ever read. It's clear, concise, easy to read and it really explains it well - everyone should have it bookmarked and refer to it often for reminders.
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    Enjoyed the fairly through review by BTPost. Have 30+ years with a standby generator in North Carolina. For 20 years used a "gasoline-contractor 12kw model. Helped a lot with a week plus outage with hurricane Fran. Despite fuel stabilizer had to have carburetor cleaned out with last outage--gummed up. My daughter has the 12kw now and our house a much larger diesel unit. Live on a farm with diesel tractors so fuel storage and cycling is no problem. Have used diesel fuel from storage tank after 10years with no problem. Always filter all fuel on transfer. Always add fuel stabilizer yearly.PRI-D Propane, or nat gas, are fine if you have access. Propane is most expensive and would worry about supply in many situations. Need to mention the Kill-O-Watt device, I think about
    $35 on line. It will measure the voltage and frequency of your current. When I first set up my diesel generator it was running at 63cps.My son a computer guru said his computers would cut off because they were sensing unreliable current or a UPS would come on. Adjusted the manual throttle on the generator to 60cps and now all is well. Also if you have PTO generator need to do the same thing as tractor rpm are not exact. Went away from PTO generator because danger of open rotating shaft around inexperienced people. Also need to set whole thing up if power goes out and check frequency. It is a much cheaper option if you already have a sizable tractor and diesel fuel. Gasoline is an unstable and dangerous fuel. Gasoline 3600rpm air cooled generators usually need to be refueled every 8-10hrs and oil about once a day. Should always be cooled before refilling. For short outages for 5KW or below are fine. A small gas generator or inverter-generator is a whole lot better than none especially if you have well water, or sump pump. Or could use a small unit for fridge and to charge electronics. Be sure to get 220 gen if you have one of the big items to power. Would highly recommend transfer switch or separate panel switch which is safe and not too expensive. Have written up simple steps so wife or kids could hook up generator to house, start, throw transfer switch and keep things going for at least 8 hrs or so. They did this one day while I was away. Was very proud of them. Understand from people in mountains you have to insulate propane lines for fuel can freeze in regulators in very cold weather.
    Diesel generators start well with a warm battery, and cetane booster and glow plugs. Do not have any experience with small diesel generators but I suspect electric start is a must. Always check your battery if outage expected with any electric start unit. As outlined above should always run generator every month or two, or if gasoline completely run it out spray some wd-40 in spark plug hole and store it. Did this with a portable gasoline unit and it started after several pulls about 5 years after previous use. Storing gasoline in equipment is big no-no. While on the subject ethanol gas we have now is terrible for chain saws and other 2cycle engines.
    Only use ethanol free which they are now selling in expensive pre-mixed cans. (Mix my own) but avoid ethanol.
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    Thinking about a PTO driven generator myself in the next 2 years or so
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    Gator, Find someone with a happy PTO setup. I tried a 7KW genset on a little trailer hooked up to my 21HP diesel tractor. It worked but i needed a finer fuel control as my RPMs were not steady under full load. Sold off the genset and installed a propane larger HP fixed genset. I'm guessing that at larger tractor HP unit would be a smoother setup.
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