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  1. melbo

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    Recently released survival guide from these guys:


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  2. Cephus

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    Just started reading the first few pages and it's a good source of info for everybody from what I've read so far !!
    Thank melbo !!!!
  3. Falcon15

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    Also, you would do well to review this:
  4. mysterymet

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    I sure hope thhose anonymous people would not do that kind of crap. If so, I'd shoot them myself if I got half the chance. I prep but I have a sister who is medically fragile. She could not survive for long if SHTF and I could only hope that she could make it here with her kids before that happened. If one of those crack pot groups ever caused the death of one of my loved ones it would be ON! I think like most people I prep because of the possibility of something bad happening, not because I want something bad to happen.
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  5. ChrisNuttall

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    Is there one for a war/invasion/occupation?

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  6. Falcon15

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    I answer, tongue in cheek, RED DAWN, baby! WOLVERINES!
  7. chelloveck

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    Tomorrow When The WAar Began

    Another film / novel in the genre is the film "Tomorrow When The War Began" by the novelist, John Marsden. I found the film irritating, but then again the film was pitched at the teen market, as is the book.,_When_the_War_Began
  8. ColtCarbine

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    Save as.....

    Thank you for the pdf.
  9. melbo

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    Anonymous could be a .Gov front, attempting to start conflict so it can then implement The Solution: NDA, further Patriot Acts, gun bans, citizen control, etc.

    Think about Occupy and Wiki-leaks: Revolution is rarely/never popular or mainstream - most people don't like change beyond a degree or 2. If you ever see any subversive or anarchistic movement become branded or go mainstream, chances are there is a puppet master pulling the strings to affect the minds of the spectators.

    Psychological warfare - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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  10. Legion489

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    I kind of liked TOMORROW WHEN THE WAR BEGAN (Aussie) and never knew there was a movie. NO BLADE OF GRASS was a good book, but the movie (England) was too horrible for words! The movie was a text book example of what NOT to do! Of course EVERY Brit "survivalist/prepper" movie I have seen has been a text book example of what NOT to do and is probably designed to tell the sheeple "You will die with out Big Bother to put you into camps, for your own good of course, so come along quietly."
  11. chelloveck

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    TOMORROW WHEN THE WAR BEGAN would probably be in Australian video stores, possibly as a weekly hire by now. I am not certain whether it got an international release. It's a pretty lame film, and I couldn't get into the book, but I'm not much of a fan of John Marsden's writing.

    I have read "No Blade of Grass" a long time ago and enjoyed it very much, but can't say that it would be much of a primer on PAW survival.

    The Death of Grass - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    "Alas Babylon", by Pat Frank is a satisfying PAW novel, written at a time closely proximate to the era leading up to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    Alas, Babylon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    For an excellent adventure / thriller / action motion picture film, check out "The Naked Prey" starring Cornel Wilde. Saw it as a boy in the 1960's and it started me on the whole idea of survival. Prepping came somewhat later in life, but I owe a lot to the inspiration drawn from that film.

    The Naked Prey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    THE NAKED PREY - YouTube

    Evidently the whole film is available on Youtube in 10 minute segments.....for the moment.
  12. Its a decent survival guide but it does have a anarchistic bent. And there's a lot that has been left out but its better than nothing for somebody who has nothing else.
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