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Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by Mortis, Jun 9, 2007.

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    One of the major concerns in Survival is water. One of the drawbacks of storing water in a Survival Pack is containment.

    Store purchased bottled water is filled too a point that if the water freezes, it will pop the cap off or even burst the bottle open. Not a good thing to find out when you need it, or find out that your other gear is not only soaked, but moldy and mildewed from the moisture.

    U.S. Coast Guard approved sealed drinking water bags is a stable substitute until you can obtain drinkable water in an emergency situation. The bag in the picture has been in my deep freeze for over a month. No leaks. No busted seams due to expansion of the water into ice.


    Shelf Life for this type of water is 5 years. MFG date & Exp Date is stamped on the back of the bag. Each bag of this size contains 4.227 Fluid Ounces. Physical weight is 4.5 ounces on my wife's kitchen dietary scales.

    I would say that a few of these water bags would be a worthwhile addition to any Survival kit as a support or adjunct, to whatever other type of water program you have planned for.

    If frozen, you can put under your outer coat, (never against skin), and allow it to thaw from body heat. This is much like medics that carried plasma under their coats in WWII to prevent freezing.
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    Good tip Mortis. Do you know of anywhere to buy those in bulk????
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    How about a platypus. Reuse it, and use it for all kinds of other things too - a shower or a pillow.
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    This is just one supplier. I'm at the office and do not have the list I have at home. But just Google Emergency Drinking Water and watch 1,400,000 plus hits pop up.
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    'Preciate it Mortis.
  6. Mortis

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    Certainly a good idea. Thanks for mentioning it.
  7. Minuteman

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    Stores like "Cheaper than Dirt" carry these in 24 pack cases for around $19.95. The water is sterilized and is excellent for wound cleaning. I keep a case in the storm cellar and individual packets in my medic and BO bags.
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    I just found these water paks at my local Sportsman's Warehouse. They were $.25 ea.

    I may have to get a bunch for use in my family's emergency packs.
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    Ok on topic off thread. So what do you keep to purify water? and second question do you keep more than one type? For clarification do you keep a Katadyn drinking tube in your bob and the water packs in your house?
    Just curious.
    Take care Be safe Poacher.
  11. andy

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    with water i can see a problem with weight, now if you have to bug-in having a backup for the tap is high up on my list of things to get. but if i have to bug out and bringing it with me it could be problamatic. if i have a vehicle then the problem is not as big. if i have to go it on foot then there is the weight issue. ITS HEAVY but i need it to survive, so deciding how much to carry or how to purify it when i need more are all questions i still need to address. i have a water puifier from my backpacking days(which i sorely miss) it's light weight and works great. but i don't know how long it would last in a SHTF situation where i might have to use it every other day or so. i like the water pack idea, you could keep them next to the boxes of MREs. just thowing this out there, you can use sponges to collect H2O while you can't live off the dew or rain they might collect forever, they could help in a pinch if you have to BO, just my 2cts...
  12. ridgerunner58

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    I have several "Frontier" emergency water filter straws that I got through Cabela's.Light weight & good for 20 gallons of water.(aprx. $11.00)

    Also bought several"Polar Pure" water disinfectant kits which treats up to 2,000 quarts.Price was less than $20 each.

    Both remove & kill Giardia cysts.
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