Survival in Hostile Terrain Following catastrophic events

Discussion in 'Survival Articles' started by melbo, Aug 9, 2005.

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    ddowell73, No truer words have been spoken....
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    City - Hostile Terrain

    I'm convinced that any city will be a hostile environment if electricity quits and gas and food shortages erupt. I also know the window of opportunity is closing to get out now. How can I convince a single parent with 3 small ones that the city will be a very dangerous and ruthless place to stay esp once the grid goes down ~ she thinks I'm overreacting to world events. (I think "bonkers" is the word she is using.) She thinks if we hole up in an apartment for 3 months with sufficient water/food that any forthcoming crisis will pass. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to consider the horrible consequences of staying once SHTF, esp without protection as well no electricity, no plumbing, no gas. She simply refuses to accept it. Is anyone else facing a similar dilemma within their family? Any suggestions?

    I'm also just found this book by David Morris, "Survive in Place, Urban Survival Guide.
    Has anyone read this book, any thoughts....?
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    Urban Bug-In?

    I agree with you. The density of a city environment coupled with low/no law enforcement following any SHTF event will only encourage people with disturbed mindsets to give in to their urge to burn, loot, and commit other acts of wanton destruction. You are farsighted in encouraging relocation away from the urban setting.

    Just because a person believes in "peace and love and harmony" does not mean that those elements will reign unhindered as SHTF unfolds.

    Persuading folks who believe that preppers are totally off base is a serious challenge. Ferfal, (surviving in argentina) tells of an incident where a woman is being interviewed on camera while a slain neighbor is being covered up behind her. This lady calmly states that there is violence everwhere in the world and that this is not really an alarming state of affairs.

    People desperately want to maintain a sense of normalcy and "OK-ness" in their world no matter what happens--or what might happen. Two factors may be operating here: (1) the single parent you want to influence does not think that having a prepper mindset is something that "normal" people do; (2) your singe parent does not know anyone who has benefitted from such a lifestyle and she cannot envision such a state of affairs.

    The only suggestions that I can offer is to gently plug her into some of the female-authored prepper blogs and after she reads them, ask for her opinion on them.

    This is an uphill journey; I hope it is successful sooner rather than later!
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    ONLY reason I watched those was Burt, Crazy over the top guy that got s@%t done! I even recently found the tv show, Cheezy!
    Just my own experience but a lot of youngish (25-30) people also have serious doubts as to whether our society is sustainable. There are a lot of us who are not "gamers", my friends and I may not be the norm gen xers but we are out there. I grew up in a rural area with most there being what I call Flatlanders, but we are NOT!
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    Lately I have come up with an "older" but modified saying:
    You can lead a horse to water, but you just cannot get the damned thing to do the "backstroke"! It's about the summation of the way it is today.
    Some people are of a mindset that will never change, much as I am today. I want to be "prepared" for as much as I can be...Now, I may get run over by reindeer, or landed on by a 747, hit by lighning and a myriad of other things that could ruin my day...But until that actually happens, I'll just keep on keeping on! Many of us are no way near the condition we were in say 30+ years back, and more than likely, we will NEVER see that era again. We work with what we have, are smarter now and use our heads instead of brute force. Like you see a newbie doing a job and busting his back and so you tell them to use their heads instead of their backs...Now some will beat their heads against the wall,or whatever,... and until and UNLESS you explain to them, that they have to be smarter than the hammer, shovel, wood, or dirt or whatever they are working with, they will just continue on!
    Some will get it and some won't.
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    Just Bumping this up!
    Great stuff and should be read and shared by one and all...
    Whether or not you are a prepper,or a die hard survivalist, or even a doubter, it's still something everyone should at least take the time to read!
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    I believe we are becoming more and more mainstream. When I visited a friend, his commode-side reading material included "Hustler" magazine. I was suprised to find it contained an article on disaster preparation, with some very level-headed advice, including the need for protecting your preparations with firearms!
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    thanks for bumpin this up DF
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    I just look at some of the kids today we have become a week nation the younger generation does not have a clue. With my oldest daughter she had video games but I made her she could play them 2 hours a day then she went outside and played. I would go along with her she would build wood forts to play and she had work (chores) to do. Kids now has no idea how to care for livestock, cook, and some dont have enough brains to take a bath. I was helping a couple young guy's with a list of survival ideas and my first thing was a few books and they ask why do I need to read. Then they were talking and had concerns of a chemical disaster. I have NBC masks, small card detectors, and basic chem suits for all in my family. So when talking to them the ask whats NBC, whats a radiation card? So after I finished talking to them the one said what about my question's I handed him a book on masks, cards and other chemical supplies. Then told him if you are going to be a prepper you need to know your equipment, how to use it and what it was designed for. Or you will just buy alot of equipment and supplies for someone who is prepared that will come in and take them after you are dead. The one said you think it will be that bad? I smiled and said let me give you my sizes to make sure your gear will fit me.
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    A good (but somewhat lengthy and hard to understand at times) read:
    SHTF School - Real Life Survival Experiences
    A site by a Croatian civilian that survived the 92-95 war over there...
    It's an eye opener for many.
    It could be happening here, and sooner than a lot of people imagine. He expresses his concerns for this country, as he now lives here and see's the writing on the wall!
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    Good site and reading
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    am preparing (supplying myself now) already have BOV and pop-out...getting supplies in case have to bug out on foot
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    "Waugh was 71 when he participated in Operation Enduring Freedom in 2001, going into Afghanistan as a member of a CIA team there to topple the Taliban and Al Qaeda at Tora Bora.
    That's right, 71, and now 10 years later the Tampa area resident hasn't slowed down a bit. Is he still working for the CIA? It might be hard to imagine, but then with Waugh, it's also hard to say. Like that bunny on TV that hawks batteries, he just keeps on going. His last parachute jump was just a couple of years ago at 79.

    "If the mind is good and the body is able, you keep on going if you enjoy it," the energetic octogenarian said, leaning back in the swivel chair in the office of his Land O' Lakes home, where he's working on his latest book, an untitled piece about his days in Vietnam.

    Feature - Billy Waugh: One old Soldier who refuses to 'fade away'
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    The old term for the mental fatigue/breakdown kind of thing is "shellshock." The more recent term that has been adopted is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I think.

    I really do not think there is a book or a short course that you can take to harden yourself against those outcomes. Basically, I think you just have to--over the long course of your life--gradually and persistently acquire a persistent mindset of coping with whatever challenges may present themselves to you.

    While it is always best to avoid hostile/stressful situations, reality has a way of ambushing all of those really good intentions. ("stuff" happens no matter what you do) But your mindset is the most important asset that any of us have. Take very good care of your mind and work to be as "situationally aware" as you can be, so as to limit the ambushes that reality would otherwise subject you to on your chosen path.
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    Good advice. Thanx
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    Great overview of post SHTF!! [winkthumb]
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    Good stuff! Thanks.
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    Agreed that mental preparation is almost as important as the physical gear you collect and training you go through. Still, the reason many people prepare for natural disasters and not conflict is simply because they happen all the time in the civilized world and are likely to continue happening. They also seem to be increasing in magnitude, so it only makes sense that more people are taking steps to prepare themselves and their homes against environmental catastrophes.

    Still, not everyone has served in the military or police, nor is everyone capable of stockpiling guns and ammo in case of a SHTF situation. You are certainly lucky to have combat experience, training, and any firearm on your person or in your home, but you still may not be able to stop an entire mob, invading militia or military, or other violent situation. Your best bet is keep your preps versatile and dynamic, be prepared for anything. Have as many self-defense items as possible, even if you don't have access to guns.
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    Thank You Lee

    You sound like you know what your talking about.
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