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    Just got the SURVIVALIST #21 and it is GREAT! FINALLY they got some writers who know something. Admittedly the salt article was not the best I've seen, it looked like a rough draft, but who thinks about salt? Too little salt and you DIE! Or bleed to death from a slight cut. Admittedly Americans eat more salt at one sitting using canned food than our Great, great grandparents did in a week, but when that runs out....

    Was at Barnes & Noble (they are scum, locally and nationally. However the only large mag rack in town since the magazine store closed) and saw PREP sticking out and it was PREPPER & SHOOTER MAG. Only one they had, only one I'd ever seen, sort of ratty. I bought it anyway. It was OK, nothing special. "Suzy Survivalist, the internet phenom" (never heard of her either) is a new prepper/survivalist and basically clueless as far as I could tell from what she said in her articles. They had put two other issues out (no dates on any of the mags, just "display until..." so I have no idea when they came out) so I ordered them off the site. Actually ordering them was cheaper than buying off the rack! First they were new and second no sales tax or S&H!

    PREPPER & SHOOTER Mag #1 had "@2013" inside and "display until Jan 15 2014", number two had "@2014" and "display until Sept 15 2014", didn't look at issue 3. The 3rd issue was by far the least useful of them.

    Well just got told it was time to go. More next time.
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    It is amusing how many preppers read several dozen websites and blogs for a year and maybe a half dozen books and then feel the necessity to become a website or blog author or self proclaimed expert with no hesitation to prolifically post displaying their ignorance. The give away is the regurgitation of the same old dubious conventional wisdom that has been posted dozens of times before. So much is mediocre at best or just opinion commenting on current events (spare me!). Survivalmonkey deviates from that model far more than most.

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    I agree, @Airtime After you have lived the lifestyle of a Prep'er for a few years, you begin to understand what the term really means. It is a "Walk the walk, instead of Talk the talk" kind of deal. Many Folks are here, on the Monkey, to learn of this Lifestyle, and many are working to build their own Prep'er Existence, by exchanging Experiences, and Information, with other Monkeys, here in our Forums, and directly, they PMs. Some are here, so that they can pass on to others, their Life Experiences, and Knowledge Base. This is why I, for one, like the Monkey Site. Good Folks, working on a Common Personal Goal, for the betterment of themselves, their Families, their Monkey Friends, and others who are seeking of that Knowledge Base.
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    Well I read stuff to see where I have holes in my thinking.... I thought I was pretty good garden canning... Basic food and water shelter clothing..
    But as I read... I find I am an amateur compared to some people... Lots of creativity and innovative ideas....
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    "Going and doing" was why I liked THE INDEPENDENT AMERICAN ONLINE MAG, if they wrote it up, they went and did it first! THEN reported what happened! What worked and what DIDN'T! Available for $25 on disk with all the issues, from NORTHWOODS TRADERS, POB 21, Fernwood, ID 83830. The INDE AM had none of the Rawles BS that WILL get you killed (anything those losers did)/thrown in jail (the birth cert)/doesn't work (most of it!) in real life! Unfortunately because they didn't have ANY ads (OK, they did at times have ONE PAGE of ads out of 150 total!) or what seems normal now, 50% ads. The old GUN REPORT usually had 50% ads on up to 60% ads in a random sample of GR mags I checked. MOST other current "gun" (and other) mags are 33%-50% adverts! I loved the one "gun" mag that had OUR BIGGEST ISSUE YET! 110 PAGES! that was 55 pages of ads!

    What bugs me is NO ONE reports on junk! A friend got a Bear Grylls (whatever) machete and took it out to cut weeds. THREE whacks at weeds and the blade fell off! WHAT?! It had ONE small rivet to hold the blade on! What if I NEEDED that to survive? Ever hear ANY mag tell you to avoid junk? Other than the INDE AM I mean!

    SURVIVALIST offers a "free" issue if you cover the one off S&H ($2.50? to try it out. Some of the issues are pretty bad (the "Amish" issue nearly killed it for me!) but the last couple have been very good! They offer webinars with experts taking calls and those are normally WELL worth calling/listening to!
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  6. Legion489

    Legion489 Rev. 2:19 Banned

    Went to the local B&N and picked up about a dozen "survival(ist)" mags to review to see if I was missing anything. ASG, the Shotgun News rag whatever it is, STAY ALIVE, ballistic (no caps), not at home so not all the titles. What PO'ed me (among other things of course) was 90% (or MORE) of the mags were simply product reviews by the company! Some were by "staff" (at the old ASG that meant Jim Benson the editor who was the only "staff") or some company flunky. NO real info on how they worked or what happened to the item after it was "used" (Bear Gryllis machete blade fell off after three swipes at weeds when friend tried his. That sort of thing). The ASG had a page of all the stuff the guy on the cover was wearing/accessories, etc and it was a few thousand dollars! OK, not the actual prices as I don't have the rag in front of me, but you get the idea: $500 coat, $300 pants, $200 shirt, $600 shoes/boots, $200 hat, $150 flashlight, $180 socks, $850 knife, $400 backpack, $350 gloves, $90 scarf, etc., etc., etc. That guy was wearing/had with him more than I make a year! Then most of the articles I read were just bullet points and BS. "Sex after the collapse?" Hey I bet it won't me a whole lot different than now! "Bug out bike" was a near line for line rehash of the Marc Ridenour (I should drop him a line to sue them!) article in the old ASG. Of course the OLD ASG was great about taking other people's articles and adding new photos and publishing that. Happened to me and several other "real" writers too.

    Duncan Long books are just "compiled" from chapters (OOPS! "Subjects"!) he assigns to writers who take his "writing course". which is why Duncan Long books are worthless trash! Duncan has NO idea what is going on, the writers (usually) have no idea, then he combines them all into a book and adds his lack of knowledge to the mix to make it "his" material!

    B&N also had a stack of SURVIVALIST MAG! The homosexual (he sure doesn't seem very gay the times when I meet him!) told me he would not allow "THAT sort of magazine in MY store!" and there was a stack front and, OK, bottom shelf. But still visible!! WOW! Great article (Part 1) on how to fight the credit card bill collectors too. Looked 100% right to me from the run ins I've had with them too. Heck the guy SOUNDED like me too! Must read what I say on the net! Well at least he gets good info!
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