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    These workshops are put on by Dr. Cynthia Koelker, who is a regular contributor over at the Survival Blog.

    Hands-on training will include:
    • Wound care – suturing and other wound closure techniques
    • Fracture care – casting and other aspects of care
    • Outpatient labs and procedures you can perform without electricity
    • Local anesthesia including digital blocks
    • Minor surgery including shave biopsy, cryosurgery, excisions, nail removal
    • Using OTC drugs like prescription medication
    • Hydration techniques
    • Treatment of life-threatening infection
    • Treatment of chronic diseases
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    Bud in Fla. went to one. Said it was money ($60) very well spent.
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    Yes, Bud went to our Suture Class by Dr.Bones and Nurse Amy in Florida. Our classes are 2 hours and include wound care and cleaning, dressings, when to close and when to leave wounds open, choosing proper closure methods, how to select and inject local anesthetics, plus each student gets their own pig's foot for practicing during the class. We also include hands on instruction and practicum for stapling skin. We are dedicated to teaching people proper suturing, wound management and stapling techniques. The classes are really educational and fun! I'm glad Bud was happy!!
    Nurse Amy
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    His handle is "Puternut" in case you run across him.
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    hey.. that sounds interesting...anything north, and west coming up. Like close to the 49th and 117 ..ish...maybe 119 ish
    I can make it to a place like Spokane, or even Seattle......anything planned up this way?
    looks like it could be an interesting weekend
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