Survival Reloading for military Rifles

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    First Reloading is only for those who are willing to follow directions, read and understand the data, Done properly reloading is a satisfying hobby and makes shooting less expensive. most of this is survival loading some quiet loads (subsonic) and cast bullet loads for medium bore .284 to .323 diameter bore rifles. Lyman reloading manual lists standard loads for all calibers using specific powders

    Rifle cast bullet loads have been used for modern rifles with great success, although the velocity is lower the ability of cast bullets to take game cleanly has been well documented, Generally I use a heavier cast bullet than a jacketed one. Using a 165 grn jacketed I use a 180 grain in a cast bullet I also use a gas check design bullet mold so I can place a copper gas check on the base with Alox ( Lee Brand) and Xlox (generic) bullet lube. using a hard lead alloy a gas check is not required for rifle Linotype is plenty hard casting alloy, Monotype is harder still heat treating increases all alloys incrementally.

    Cast bullet alloy hardness and Information cut and past or print and keep a copy
    Cast bullet reference on lead alloy's, min / max pressure, lube, shrinkage,

    This is basic information from a good source to load military rifle (mid bore diameter) By C.E. Harris. It would behoove people to cut paste and save and print this information, never know when you may need it.

    Loads for military rifles

    The Load by C.E. Harris

    "The Load" By C.E. Harris: An interesting take on gallery loads for cheap plinking and varmint hunting • r/reloading

    Reloading Subsonic rifle cartridges 3 parts

    Gunwriters' Handloading Subsonic Cartridges, Part 1
    Gunwriters' Handloading Subsonic Cartridges, Part 2
    Gunwriters' Handloading Subsonic Cartridges, Part 3

    Source of tons of information on weapons, too much to list.


    Silence is golden

    Ed's Essays in GOW

    More info

    Gunwriters' Links

    A link to Lee Bullet molds Bullet Casting - Lee Precision

    Lee Loader, pocket size kit for loading the following calibers, and load data, powder measure and a chart for different powders for your size measure.
    Here are the instructions so you can get a sense of how to use it.

    Rifle Pistol
    223 Remington 9mm Luger
    243 Winchester 38 Special
    270 Winchester 357 Magnum

    308 Winchester **44 Magnum
    30/06 Springfield **45 Auto
    7.62 x 54 Russian **45 Colt

    303 British
    45/70 Government
    30/30 Win (30 Rem)

    Video information for Lee Loader


    Sizing tumble lube and gas checking cast bullets.

    Make a custom sizer die


    Make your own jacketed bullets

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Making pistol shot shells

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    I have both a Lee and an old Lyman hand loading presses, mainly for Black Powder cartridges, but they also work for large pistol and standard length rifle i.e. .30/06 I have adaptors for small rifle, but none for smaller pistol! Not sure they are available any more. I also have pocket moulds for the arms that I would be loading for, but need to play with my pot melt to get th ings dialed in. Other then that, I have a full casting and loading set up speciffically for B.P. arms, cartridge and muzzleloader or on weapon loading like my Revolvers and revolving rifles! Those are more likely to see use in a SHTF survival situ, but the modern smokeless have their place as well!
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