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    I am thinking about doing a survival class, 6-8 hours for urban/suburban people in Pittsburg and am asking for suggestions as to content. I am not new at 'prepping' (as it is called now). I know it is not near enough time to cover 1/164th of what is truely needed to know but I think I can get people to think about 'prepping' in that time. Water purification, food storage, opsec. (keep your mouth shut) Food prep w/o elect, gas ect. I will be refering them to good web sites like ' and of course LOL
    Any input is appreciated and needed, either here or by PM
    Being urban/suburban a debris shelter is not in the top 10 things nor would trapping. The majority of them will be depending on the 'stay in place' idea. I just want them to start thinking of taking care of themselves in SHTF type senario. Ideas? Comments? TNX in advance.
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    how to bend over, tuck their heads 'tween their legs
    and kiss their backsides g'bye seems a good thing to know for urbanites
    'specially at this point in time, the ball has been rolling
    and the half-time show is over
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    I know when I talk to people one of the biggest concerns I hear is should I secure my residence and stay or abondon ship. I always tell them it depends on the situation. There is alot of info out there for staying put but every little for surviving on the move like what to carry, the do's and dont's like try to avoid main line highway's, when coming in contact with others always keeping the vehicle moving don't come to complete stop. Hope I helped
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    I always have to ask "and go where ?"

    As much as an urban area will probably suck in a real SHTF situation, being a refugee on the open road will probably suck worse.

    I have a buddy that lives in the Metro DC area of Maryland. He was getting ready to buy a big, expensive canvas tent, 2 stoves for it, camping gear and so on, with the thought of filling an enclosed trailer and "bugging out" if it got bad ( and it will where he lives ).

    I asked him "where" ? And hopefully convinced him to drive down to West Va an hour or two, buy a small place, and start going down there weekends to work on getting it L-I-V-A-B-L-E.....pre-stock supplies, get a private water system in place, get a garden area set up and so on.....THEN if he has to bug out, he hopefully has a place to bug TO, and a chance of making it when he gets there. Save the money on all that high dollar ( heck the tent alone was gonna be 5 grand ) camping crap, and buy a place with an old, run down, cheap house and couple acres instead.
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    Agreed. Major thoroughfares that will be the main routes where by people migrate from large cities already have a name from a disaster-management perspective: refugee lanes of drift (RLOD). And you don't want to be anywhere near them.

    Reading about this really took the wind out of my sails. My BOL was all set in my in-laws have a few acres with a well, garden--just bought a plow, lots of woods with game in the back, 5 small lakes, and a one-way in neighborhood with fairly normal people around. The problem is, there's a major-interstate at the very back of the "subdivision." You can't see the houses from there in the summer, but in the winter, you can see the very last two peeking through the trees. This will be sure to draw people in looking for food/shelter/stuff.

    ....dang...the stuff you don't think of. Back to square one. That place would do for a short period, but for a prolonged event, it would be like beacon that you'd have to defend against. The back access has the high ground...but, I'd rather just be far away from RLOD. The issue is, I'm probably like most of you, who can just pop down 20% for 10 acres if you just got into this?

    I wish I'd been thinking about this after 9-11, I would've had plenty of time to make a long-term plan. Now, I feel like time is short and the train is at full throttle and I can see the bridge is out up ahead....

    I've already been emptying out the IRA and buying PMs. I think after Jan 1st, I'll just liquidate it (if it's worth anything), take the tax robbery, and throw it at the $1.2 million bunker. What I put down should buy me about 27 minutes there.
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    I do NOT want to be classed as a Te**orist or anything, but Guit, the answer to that is to "blow" an overpass on each side of that location, up and down the Interstate, a few miles, and cause the travelers to go around, or turn around, AFTER SHTF is in play, OR make sure you have significant Light Discipline, from those buildings. ..... YMMV....
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    Between you and me Bruce (and Mr Eff-Bee-Aye man who checks in with us)...even if I had some 7N7, d3tcord, and bl@sting c@ps...I'm a dumb@ss...I'd blow myself up [booze]. Refugees would just walk up/down the on/off ramps anyway and come and take my stuff while I'm snoozing under my pecan tree. I have been trained in the liberal arts* to consume and produce nothing. Therefore, I have half a lifetime of training of tangible skills ahead of me.

    I'm being only slightly hyperbolic...but, when you think of it, most people don't have any skills anymore unless you grew up in rural areas, which thankfully I did. But the masses walking down those highways are just going to be consumers like locusts.

    *That's what a liberal arts education will get you...a decent job without life skills to go with it. If you didn't get them as a kid (hunting, fishing, fixing stuff b/c you can't afford to buy new), you're probably SOL.
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    I think running such a class for like-minded types IOT develop a community (think Lights Out, but more prepared), would be a good thing. Of course this all depends on the week-to-week types (or in some cases day-to-day) having an open mind. There would at least be some interest just based on the growth of agri-shares and urban chickens. Slow change is everywhere. Heck, if I was near you, I would give you a hand. Post it in the state forums to judge interest.

    As for content, I would certainly cover community and urban agriculture. Basic protection within the limits of your local laws. Get-home-bags.
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    having taught a few classes in Washington in the near past , i would advise the basic approach and stress that further study
    will be necessary to their survival, teach the basics, fire, water , shelter, food, and protection/health/medical, be concise.
    also i have found that even interested adults have trouble sitting through 3 hours of anything let alone 6, ciggartette and coffie/food breaks will temper fidgeting, small side notes and handouts , such as band-aid box survival kits go a long way to starting people's
    curiosity. be well , i hope this helps! :D
  10. ghrit

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    When you set up your classes, do not try to get everything across in one sitting. Limit sitting and listening to 90 minutes max, 60 is better, or you will lose the audience to the fidgits.
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    I would start by asking why they were there and what they expected to learn from the class... then have a basic class the first time and tailor the rest of the class to meet their need....
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