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    A few times in my checkerd past I have been "too drive to drunk", and barefoot no less, and left more confusing tracks than the zombie. Darn but sand spurs hurt and make one dance funny for awhile on one foot until falling down. After falling down a few times and ending up with sand spurs in many other places, it's easier just to say to heck with it, and curl up and sleep. Yup that's the way they found me. But, they took pity on me, and had a little respect when I held up my car keys and said .... well I was smart enough not to drive anyway, and was just trying to get home. When I explained about my lack of shoes and the darn sand spurs, they just laughed and said get in. You are not under arrest just give us your address, we will take you home. Boy am I glad those days are long behind me!!! Today one would probably be tazed and go to jail. Yup, the good olde days....LOL
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