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    Survival through radical self sufficiency (free pdf download)

    Structuring Prosperity for Yourself
    and the Nation

    his indispensable guide to the next twenty years of global turmoil and transformation weaves the full spectrum of disciplines--history, political economy, ecology, energy, marketing, investing, health, and the psychology of happiness-- into a uniquely comprehensive understanding that offers every thinking person practical principles for not just surviving but prospering in the difficult decades ahead.

    <hr color="darkblue" width="300"> "I've been a big fan of Charles Hugh Smith's insights since the day I first stumbled across his Of Two Minds blog. In Survival+, he sets out a thoughtful and provocative vision of our future that should not be missed." Michael J. Panzner, author of When Giants Fall and Financial Armageddon

    "Charles Hugh Smith is the savviest blogger in the USA these strange days. Nobody puts out a consistently wiser, truer, better-written message, day after day, than CHS. His views on surviving the hardships we face in economy and society are of the highest value and could not be more timely or astute." James Howard Kunstler, author of The Long Emergency and World Made by Hand

    "Charles Smith provides a balanced, thoughtful, and prescient view regarding the dilemmas facing our fragile economy. From the collapse in the housing market to the growing power of the banking sector, our economic landscape is changing. Mr. Smith’s credibility comes from years of work and unlike other prognosticators, he has been right. His illuminating arguments and insights provide readers a glimpse into the challenging world we will now enter." Dr. Housing Bubble

    "Your book is truly a revolutionary act." Kenneth Robertson

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    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    read abunch last night, its an "abridged "copy( 1/2 the book) mostly covers the many faceted problems of our plutocracy;and why things work the way they do.
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