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    The long awaited (they called me 12 weeks and 2 days before I got it to tell me my sub would expire with the #6 issue which would be out "in a couple weeks") issue #6 came finally! Great issue! Yellowstone volcano, survival reloading presses (FINALLY someone who has a clue what they are talking about!), Doctor Bones (real MD, not some nutter, can't think of his real name in article) on wounds. The "How to Turn A Cheap Surplus Rifle into a Tack Driver" (or what ever they called it, something like that) was more of the usual "we owe him so he gets to do an article, even if it is junk" that was the first two/three issues, basically worthless and of no use. Talked about a company that puts a sleeve around the barrel and puts a plastic filler in to stiffen and suck heat off the barrel. Old news and no info on who/what/why/how or cost included about it. Now if they would only get someone who has a clue about guns to write for them, instead of the "we owe him so he gets to write junk" writer, they would own the market!
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