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    The SURVIVALIST #9 issue is now out, just got mine (came yesterday). As usual, it was excellent. Went to the Barnes & Noble yesterday (before hitting PO and getting my mail) and asked if they had SURVIVALIST as I couldn't find it on the shelf. Last time it was in the "current events'' area and I was told it was selling well. I couldn't find it and asked and was told it "was not on their list of magazines" in the computer! Well the AIDS victim owner (yes, really) DID tell me he "wasn't going to allow THAT sort of magazine in HIS store!" and recommended a store 60 miles away when I asked about it some time ago!
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    Where did my post go???? As I said before...

    I would not be going back to that B & N store. I know that it gives locals jobs but the owner is censoring your purchases to his preference. I guess it is his choice but I wouldn't spend my money there.
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    Customer support:

    Phone: 800-843-2665

    How to reach a live person:
    Press 6
    Press 4

    Hours of Operation:
    Monday - Friday: 8am - 11pm ET
    Sat - Sun: 9am - 5:30pm ET

    It's a business, and as long as you can prove that you wish to spend money at their store on an item, they will probably have it stocked. The local manager does not have the privilege to deny a customer the product they want. B&N is actually not in business to censor a product if it sells. I would call them, write them and email them until a suitable answer is given.
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    Yes B&N IS supposed to be a corporate store and carry what the head office tells them too, but that doesn't mean they have to make it easy to find it. Bottom shelf, in the rear, covered up, in an area where you would never think to look, etc. I called them again and they said they did have it, maybe, but not the current issue, possibly only the last issue, not sure if it is there, lots of hemming and hawing about if it was there or not. May have to call the home office and file a complaint and see what happens. According to the SURVIVALIST website they spent a lot of money to get "front and center" billing and if they aren't, the local store is violating policy.

    I fully agree about if they only want to sell the leftist PC trash that I should not spend money there (this is a hint that you should get a sub to SURVIVALIST! It is a great magazine! WELL worth getting a sub to!) as it is the only place in town that I know of that carries it since the magazine store closed. Why did the mag store close? I have no idea as they took a lot of money off of me every month as I sampled what what was new and off the wall, some trash, some good, some great.
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    Just for fun I went to see if the local B&N had the #9 SURVIVALIST "front and center" and "featured" like the mag claimed the store had it. Couldn't find it! I asked and the guy FINALLY found it on the top shelf, but buried so deep that I would never have found it! Featured my ear! I went to the web site and "talked" (texted) the customer rep and got a email address - - to try too. I live in a commie-lib area and getting too old to deal with scum with out wanting to file a complaint to keep it from happening to the next poor guy.
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    Went on line and filed a complaint with the Barnes and Noble "text to a person" site. Basically was was told "Thank you for your comments. Go away now. Thank you." I wonder if this is not just another India phone center where they take your complaint and file it in the round file, as seen on "60 Minutes" the other day when they were dealing with the credit reporting services.

    Called SURVIVALIST MAG and guess what? It seems to be happening all over! So it is NOT just the commie/lib area I live in, just about every person who went to their B&N could not find the mag and it was buried and/or hidden. Since SURVIVALIST spent big money to be "front and center" they got screwed!
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