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    Got my May issue of SURVIVALIST MAG, the pioneer/homesteading issue and was pretty disappointed I have to say. Corcceigh Green, one of the writers for them is LIVING THIS LIFE NOW, and he wasn't included! Other great writers that either were raised that way or are living that way were not included. What was included was more of the same old same old and not especially interesting to me, and not of much use either. To say I was disappointed by this issue is an understatement as the last few issues were excellent. Well anyone can screw up once, so I hope they get it fixed. A twelve issue sub is only $30 and well worth the money based on past issues.
  3. I'm rather fond of Backwoods Home magazine. Like most magazines, it gets tired and repetitive after you've read it for enough years. I like the fact that the keep a significant portion of their content online which I consider a service to the reader community, which I think is reason enough to support them on occasion. A lot of these magazines seem like the are just in it for a quick buck and couldn't fathom putting some of their content online.
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    Yup, I get BACKWOODSMAN, BACKWOODS HOME, COUNTRYSIDE & SMALL STOCK JOURNAL, and others. I recommend all of them highly. Some issues are of greater worth to me than others, but most have sites you can access. SURVIVALIST has their stuff on line and you can join to access it and their books and a lot of other stuff too. I have stated before, so this is no big surprise, that the first three issues were terrible. I mean truly bad! They finally got some writers who knew what they were talking about and every issue after that was a 100% improvement over the issue before, it was getting better by leaps and bounds, up to the last one. Sure if you don't know ANY of this stuff, it is helpful, which is why pretty much all the mags run stuff that isn't especially useful to old timers, but then they had to learn this stuff just like the new kid on the block needs to too. The problem was, they have at least two writers who are experts in this matter and neither of them was used. What was used was rehashed stuff and I'm not entirely sure the writers ever tried any of it for themselves. That was why I liked the INDEPENDENT AMERICAN, they went and DID it all and KNEW it worked! Finally folded as no one wanted to support them. A CD of all issues is available for $20 from Northwoods Traders, POB 21, Fernwood, ID 83830 and worth every penny.
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    Got the current (digital) issue of SURVIVALIST MAG (Nov/Dec 2014?) and it was EXCELLENT!! I was about to give up on it when I got the Amish issue (they did theme issues that were useless/worthless, sort of like the first four/five issues they put out with the friends who helped get them up and running. Didn't matter if the buddy had a clue however...) and the couple before that were pretty sad too, but WOW they got their shi'it together for this issue! AS I UNDERSTAND IT (which may or may not be true) they are hiring some GOOD writers, like the guy who was writing the gun articles for a few issues before they went to the theme issues and basically quit using any good stuff, and hopefully the guy who put out the INDEPENDENT AMERICAN noted above.


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