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    OK, survivalist magazines:

    SURVIVALIST - survive with out fear; First issue was too horrible for words, pretty much as expected. Mostly just articles from people who helped get the mag up and running and the writers didn't have a clue! Second issue was slightly better, but still very bad. Third was barely OK, but NOT great. Finally got some good writers and things improved, issues five and six were very good. The "gun" article writer is still VERY bad. In issue #6 (current as of this writing) there was an article called "Turn a Surplus Rifle into a Tack Driver" (or some such). Anyway the guy drives up to a company that puts a pipe over the barrel, fills it with plastic and it is suppost to help. Does it? NO IDEA! He never takes a gun to try, only shoots two of their guns that are already done (no idea what they shot like before), no contact info, no prices, no nothing! Publishing is very iffy too. Suppost to be bi-monthly, but who knows when/if. Still it is worth getting, and if they keep the good writers and add more decent writers it should be great.

    BACKWOODSMAN - Well there is a reason this mag is still around after all these years, it is great! Written by people who do this stuff, as in 1800s-early 1900s crafts and woods runners.

    BACKWOODS HOME - Some great writers and really thought provoking articles. Not afraid to say guns are part of the backwoods home experience with Massad Ayoob writing for them.

    Primative Archer - Got a sub years ago to see what it was. It was worthless in my experience, but I may have just got a bad year, as it is still around. The articles sounded good, but were just light weight fluff for the year I subscribed. Not recommended from here.

    SELF-RELIANCE ILLISTRATED - Another "new" mag (issue six just came out) that looks like it should be very good. Mostly plants, camping and hiking info from what I've seen, some real puff pieces too, it should improve with age.

    MOTHER EARTH NEWS - communist front piece rag. I will look it at the library, but too many "one offs" articles, like the guy who bought a bunch of batteries from a power company just before the gov't banned the batteries and they are illegal to buy now. And that article was useful to me HOW?! I had a sub but dropped it when they came out and stated openly they were supporting a communist running for national public office because the commie views were the same as theirs.

    FUR-FISH-GAME - great mag for the outdoorsman about hunting, fishing, trapping, written by people who do this. Recommended.
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    Survivalist Mag: SURVIVALIST (12 issues $29.95)

    Backwoodsman Mag: Backwoodsman Magazine (1 year, 6 issues $23.00)

    Backwoods Home: self-reliance | homesteading | backwoods | home | magazine (1 year, 6 issues $24.95)

    Primitive Archer: Primitive Archer Online (1 year $26.99)

    Self Reliance Illustrated: Self Reliance Illustrated Magazine (6 issues $35.00)

    Mother Earth News: ($14.95 for 6 issues)

    Fur-Fish-Game: Fur-Fish-Game || The Hunting, Fishing, & Fur Trapping Magazine for Practical Outdoorsmen (12 issues $15.95)
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    Countryside and Small Stock Journal - Excellent gardening, small animal and general homesteading magazine. Written by the readers and their experiences. Very little to any gun content. Any time any one mentions firearms the namby-pamby types get their undies in a knot and write threatening to drop their subs. Well worth getting.
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