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Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by Legion489, Feb 2, 2016.

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    Exactly as I thought it would be, guns and ammo were the big winners. Think what that $1000 invested in .22 LR would have been worth over the last two/three years if you sold it for $75/brick!
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    Real estate could be more or less depending on where you are. I am not so convinced in the 55% increase in value of firearms. I saw a firearm that I purchased a few years back for basically the same price & this was new. Only in the months after Sandy Hook did I see huge price increases or price gouging.
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    Pretty silly buying $1000 worth of ammo, then scalping replace it with....what? A guess that prices would fall, or that available quantities would increase? In many areas the price has fallen (around 45/500 here) but finding it in stock is dubious. No, in my book ammo and armaments are not good items to try to flip.
    A more worthwhile investment IMHO would be to purchase items that are likely to be in short supply and high demand if things go sideways. What are they? Depends on your locale ;)
  4. Legion489

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    Well since I can reload 9mm for ten cents/rd, and buy .22s for 10 cents/rd, I would gladly turn all my .22s into 9mms! Or turn four .22s into one factory .45 ACP or reload the .45s for 15cents-20 cents/rd.

    Of course not all guns will go up in value, just like not all land/houses or whatever will go up in value either.
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    I buy ammo, I shoot "some" ammo..... I never, ever sell it. Stack it deep and enjoy your firearms at the range.... but IMO, selling ammo is counter productive to what I am trying to do with my prep's. I have only sold two firearms in the last 5 years, which did not fit my plan's.... and the money earned from that sale bought two more AR's..... It is what we do right now, that makes us prepared or not when things go sideways. The question always is, will that be tomorrow or way down the road.... risk is the name of the game, and some of us prefer to stay conservative on that front.
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