Survivalistis get ready for meltdown

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BuckBall, May 1, 2008.

  1. BuckBall

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  2. Tackleberry

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    Yup, they usually throw Timmy McVeigh into the picture anytime the words survivalism, gun rights, militia or constitutionalism gets mentioned.

    Typical government fed propaganda.
  3. BuckBall

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    I can see where being a survivalist, even if the whole US goes to pot, will be just as hard as it is now. Unfortunately, few understand the history of the surivivalist and we go back as far, if not further, than the American Revolution. Ordinary citizens taking to arms to defend our rights and liberties and freedom while also building farms and living off the land, through helping each other. I think the US has forgotten much of its history.
  4. ozarkgoatman

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    I think you guys should reread the story.

    To those who have heard of it at all, survivalism is sometimes associated with extremist views. In the U.S., the movement has occasionally been hijacked by far-right groups attracted by its rejection of much of government and its fierce defense of the right to bear arms.
    For example, Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh was obsessed with survivalism as a teenager, setting up a generator and a store of canned food and potable water in his basement.

    I think that is a fair statement when they say that it has been sometimes hijacked. But I don't know of any movement or group that has not been sometimes hijacked by extremist. #&!! I'm likely an extremist in alot of peoples mind and likely some on this forum. LOL

  5. BuckBall

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    I think we are all extreme to a degree in something within our lives. It may be survival, it may be weapons, it may be hunting, or sewing. But extreme can be good as long as your efforts are used for that matter.
  6. Tracy

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    Interesting that survivalism is being talked about like extremism.

    Aren't we suppose to have food set aside for emergency situations? Doesn't our evening news tell us to have a kit stored for storms/blackouts/what-have-you?

    Silly Monkeys!
  7. Tango3

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    Wife thinks I'm nuts.
    we don't discuss martial law, 911 anything, mlitary comissions act or economic collapse. but she doesn't complain about the "pantry"though she does empty my water storage jugs occasionally.
  8. BuckBall

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    As a therapist (oh boy here it comes), I often find it psychologically interesting how, as Tracy mentions for the media to tell us to be prepared, but then they cast negatives towards those very preparations. I believe they run out of news to cast, so they contradict themselves or perhaps even forget they were the ones to mention preparations. I see this alot, not just with the media, but with every day people and those in fire fighting and LE. They say one thing, then say something totally backwards from what they just said. My mother was like that, but I just got fed up and don't listen no more lol
  9. ghrit

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    I've completely given up describing my "hobby" as survivalism or myself as a survivalist. I call me a "prepper" these days, and answer questions after that by pointing to preparations for (__________ ) Fill in the blank according to your read of the questioner. (Loss of power, storm damage, whatever.)
  10. RouteClearance

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    You would think that people would learn after Katrina, that is my 1st response when I am asked why I am a prepper(SURVIVALIST). I would go on to say that at least 85% mull my answer over for a bit then mention nothing else about it. I have had only a couple of individuals look at me like I'm certified insane, I then ask them if they remember the aftermath of Katrina and the people stuck in the Super Dome? They then lighten up a bit.
  11. BuckBall

    BuckBall Woman Hater

    That's a good tactic to use. I tried something similiar about a year ago and got hit with "are you kidding? This is Wisconsin!" and so I changed it, and stated..."what would you do if a mass of tornados struck? Rely on the emergency services to dig you out, then wait forever for fema to help?" That worked much better. At least it got them to thinking which is the key.
  12. 410

    410 Guest

    Fortunately, (depending on your viewpoint) I live in the Gulf Coast so I'm not regarded as being nuts when I talk about stocking up, etc. People just always assume it's for the upcoming hurricane season. We had quite a few... refugees ... come to our area after Katrina and unfortunately we saw a small but noticable surge in crime as a result. It's unfortunate that people can't take an opportunity with gov't assistance to rise above their former surroundings and use the new environment to make their lives and children's lives better, and for this reason among others I like to be prepared for whatever comes down the pipe.
  13. E.L.

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    I never refer to myself as a "survivalist" and I do not know of anyone who thinks of me as such. I have heard people say "yeah he stocks up" in regards to me, but that was bout the extent of it. I grew up on ranches, way out of town, and we didn't go to the grocery store once a week, we went about once every three weeks. So we were always fully stocked. We had lots of beef in freezers, a full pantry, and were always fattening up a steer. If you want to call shooting and hunting a hobby, well it is such a part of me, I cannot imagine not doing it. I see it as more of a responsibility than a hobby. It is not playing golf.

    Now, I have to go to Centerfire website because they are having a great sale on gas masks.
  14. Tackleberry

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    While it is fair to mention people like McVeigh were survivalists, it is not fair for them to make that one of the high points of the article (including one of three pictures). If it were a side note, I could understand, but it wasn't and isn't in most of these types of articles.

    This issue goes much deeper. LE officers are being taught that militia and survivalist groups are bad/extremists. I know, because I have seen the 'intel reports' and been to the training. Oddly enough, they barely mention the groups like Nation of Islam who want to exterminate the white race. They will however proclaim people who are in favor of gun rights, anti-illegal immigration, dislike taxes and prepare for disasters as being radical right-wingers needing to be watched. If you mention the constitution in these types of environments you are yourself labled.

    No matter if you consider yourself a survivalist or a prepper, you need to keep what you have a low profile. I have coworkers and friends come over all the time to shoot, but I don't show them everything....and I would encourage you to avoid showing everything you have to everyone as well.
  15. BuckBall

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    Low Profile...There is a reason why I am a loner. After I served my military tour, I couldn't wait to get free from everyone around me. I always enjoyed my alone time away from everybody else. I guess part of this comes from the unit I was in, being 4 or 5 guys alone, away from regimental hq and not taking orders like everyday soldiers. We did what we wanted, answered to a select few. Now that I am separated from my former career and area, I walk this planet without anyone along side me and I love it. It is what I prefer and yes it is low profile. Being this way, I don't have to worry about anyone seeing more than what I choose to show them. Most things are hidden away from prying eyes, and sometimes I even have a decoy to throw someone off. So, if I was to call myself anything, it would have to be "I'm just a monkey" lol and leave it at that.
  16. overbore

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    Our first hand experience following a direct tornado hit in '98 was depend upon your God and then your self--The Lord helps those who help themselves. He will save your soul but we must save our own butts---. Because of a false claim ( later dropped ) by the IRS, we received zip, zero, nada, from FEMA. Not one bottle of water--Our generator kept the ( remaining) lights on and freezers humming. Common sense dictates that the "Excreta is about to hit the air mover" and we are to be singled out for ridicule if we do not subscribe to the governmental line of lies that all is well and "they" have things under control.. Yeah--- like Inflation, the Border, the Economy, Oil, Social Security, Medicare, Crime--- writers ramp---!

    The Fall will, IMHO, find us in a different paradigm-- Heads Up!!! Overbore
  17. sheen_estevez

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    Mine too, but she was raised different than I was, my parents lived through the depression hers didn't so there is a different mindset.

    As far as throwing a whack job under the title of Survivalist well sometimes the shoe fits, but what bothers me is when a disgruntled office worker goes in and cuts down half his co-workers they don't stress that he is an office work making it sound bad.

    This is one reason I keep quiet on the subject
  18. BuckBall

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    Good thing I don't have a wife to call me nuts, though the folks do call me an A hole LOL...FEMA to me is non-existent. Just a gov't reason to throw more money away. Hence survival means depending on who is in your, friends, self and neighbors in times of natural disasters. If anyone depends on the gov't, they are seriously in need of medication.
  19. BAT1

    BAT1 Cowboys know no fear

    Everything is 180 degress off. People that prepare are being labeled as terrorist is propaganda, and I can't believe that LEO's are going along with it. Follow the leader, drink your coolaid and come jump off the cliff with the rest of us, because it's cool, its for the children, and the enviroment. They laughed at Noah, until the rains came, but the door had closed.
    What the American people don't know is what makes them the American people.
  20. BuckBall

    BuckBall Woman Hater

    When I was in the service, many of my mates stated "America, the land of propaganda"...I use to laugh at that, UNTIL I relocated back here. It is just amazing how many people follow along with the terroristic views. It is no secret that the american people love bad news and I think concocting news of home grown terrorists plays right into this. However, what I also see is that FEMA and other bs agencies tell you to get prepared, but then stab you in the back with "terrorist"...when do you attempt to secure your home and family.
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