Suspect in Waukesha ‘mass casualty incident’ identified

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    reports are...ran into a crowd at a Christmas parade... many injured and some killed...

    A suspect has been identified and is in custody for the 'mass casualty incident' in Waukesha, Wisconsin when a red Ford Escape plowed into a holiday parade. So far, five have been confirmed dead, more than 40 injured.

    According to court documents, 39-year-old Darrell Edward Brooks Jr. has been arrested as a suspect in the incident.

    Brooks is a career criminal with multiple priors and was released from jail two days prior to the incident after posting a $1,000 bail for three misdemeanors and two felonies. He has a history of resisting arrest, obstruction, battery, statutory sexual seduction, strangulation and suffocation, property destruction, illegal firearm possession, bail jumping, domestic violence, drug related charges and is a registered sex offender. FExOZAEVcAQDZEH.jpg

    The driver of the red SUV plowed through a police line at high speed and into a parade of Christmas marchers on Sunday, impacting more than 20 adults and children in a graphic scene captured on the city’s livestream and cellphones of bystanders. FExMphYXIAsSex8.png

    In a rap video on his Youtube page, Brooks is seen dancing in front of a red Ford Escape, the same type of vehicle used in Sunday's fatal incident. Picture5.png

    Waukesha, Wisconsin Police Chief Daniel Thompson confirmed in a press conference following the tragedy that an officer who has been on the force for over six years opened fire on the vehicle and that a person of interest was in custody. Thompson emphasized that the investigation is "very active." FExUiMiWYAQh0u1.jpg

    Waukesha Fire Chief Steven Howard said 11 adults and 12 children were transported to six area hospitals.

    more on site...

    https://www.conservativereview…=ACTIVE - CR Weekly View attachment 88634 View attachment 88634
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    BAN SUV'S!!
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    The same people who said for 14 months that Kyle Rittenhouse intentionally murdered BLM protesters are now saying that a career criminal unintentionally ran over a Christmas parade.

    ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯
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    When you have N0 relationship with your maker, no stability in your life, you are nothing more than an ape that has the ability to use some really dangerous tools.
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    The left wing media is trying to spin this --this yard ape was out on a reduced bail-- as was posted a long list of priors. If this were a White guy running into a bunch of blacks the media would be all over it Hate crime, White supremacist
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    I did hear on 'Clay Travis and Buck Saxon' that the local government (think it was the Prosecutor's office) had admitted to a mistake allowing him out on such a low Bond and they are looking into it... I would sue them out of existence if I were any of these families, not that it would help, but there wouldn't be a city left or county left after I was done with them.
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    If the special relationship that some theists have with their imaginary, invisible friend(s) is the only thing that is preventing them from running amuck and killing or injuring others in society, then...I much prefer that they hold onto that relationship, regardless of whether or not that relationship actually exists in reality beyond self delusion.

    A relationship with an imaginary friend however, can be fraught with a number of problems, when sacred texts attributed to the magical, invisible imaginary friend(s) prescribe all sorts of sanctions against things the imaginary friend apparently hates / doesn't like....such sanctions have often been used to justify all sorts of appalling (even murderous) behaviour against fellow human beings.

    There are plenty of people with little stability in their life, who are not murderers, rapists, felons, or apes who use dangerous tools to the detriment of their fellow human beings, and the converse is also true...there are plenty of people who live, very stable lives, yet have murdered, raped, committed felonies and have also used 'dangerous tools' to the detriment of their fellow human beings....what matters more, in my view are the beliefs which drive the behaviours of people to do disgusting, destructive, criminal, anti-social things that harm others.
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    Chell, religion in one sense is a code of honor that has developed over time and that gives one some sense of how to live in the real world. If it is to work it has to have some useful traits and to lead to the continued existence of both its members and the society.

    This in turn acts as a filter to tie the religion to a working society and in fact may well temper some of the gross actions individuals are capable of doing. While I am a Christian, I found many things in the US military ethos to be just as meaningful and just as honorable as that found in the Bible. I also find many things in the writings of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to be very meaningful. At this point in time, the writings of Washington, etc, are just about as much a matter of history as those of Moses and John.

    I totally agree that religions have been created to enslave people, but then Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc, would indicate that belief in a supreme being is not the only threat to a peaceful life.
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    I am not one for organized religion as some have become nothing more than big business. My view the bible is free to anyone who believes and costs nothing
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    A sixth victim has died.
    An eight year old boy.
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    Clear cut death penalty no trial needed---- hang the bastard not next week or next month or ten years from now ---hang him tomorrow
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    To bad there is no Death Penalty in that sstate…
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