Suspect, victims ID'd in deadly Clackamas Town Center shooting spree

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    Suspect, victims ID'd in deadly Clackamas Town Center shooting spree | Portland

    Suspect, victims ID'd in deadly Clackamas Town Center shooting spree


    by Staff
    Posted on December 11, 2012 at 3:41 PM
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    PORTLAND -- The suspect in a shooting at Clackamas Town Center that left three people dead Tuesday afternoon was identified by police Wednesday as 22-year-old Jacob Tyler Roberts, of Southeast Portland.

    At a press conference Wednesday morning, Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts announced that Jacob Roberts was carrying a stolen AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and wearing a load-bearing vest. He died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

    Sheriff Roberts said the shooter acted alone and went into the mall with the intent to shoot "anyone in his line of sight, on a mission set forth to take the lives of people in that mall."

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    He said early reports that the shooter's rifle jammed were accurate, but that he was able to fix it and began shooting again. He was carrying several loaded magazines at the time.

    Sheriff Roberts identified the deceased victims as 45-year-old Steven Mathew Forsyth of West Linn and Cindy Ann Yuille of Northeast Portland.

    He said if it weren't for the quick action of the emergency responders and mall employees and shoppers, the tragedy could have been far worse.

    "There were 10,000 people in the mall at the time," he said. "There are a number of heroes that took the time to help a lot of people get out. I want to thank the whole community."

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    The survivor of the shooting was identified Wednesday as 15-year-old Kristina Shevchenko of Portland.

    She was struck by several bullets but none hit vital organs, according to Oregon Health & Science University Chief Medical Officer Charles Kilo. She was in serious condition in the hospital's trauma intensive care unit, with her family at her side, he said.

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    Clackamas Town Center will remain closed Wednesday and updates on reopening will be provided at the shopping center's website, according to general manager Dennis Curtis. He said the website will also provide information for people who left their belongings behind at the mall Tuesday. Click here for updates.

    10,000 at Mall Tuesday

    A witness told KGW that up to 60 shots were fired by a man wearing a white mask and body armor, armed with a large assault-type rifle. The shooting took place at about 3:30 p.m. at the Southeast Portland area mall. Local, state and federal agents swarmed and shut down the mall, searching and evacuating any remaining employees or shoppers.

    Watch: Police escort shoppers inside Clackamas Town Center

    Lt. James Rhodes of the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office announced at a news conference just before 5 p.m. that the suspect had been "neutralized." Later police said the shooter was dead from a self-inflicted wound but did not identify him or the weapon used. No law enforcement officers fired any shots in the mall.

    Sheriff Craig Roberts said their thoughts and prayers went out to the victims and their families. “For all of us, the mall is supposed to be a place we can all take our families, feel comfortable, this is the holidays … these things are never supposed to happen. We have a young lady at the hospital fighting for her life right now,” Roberts said.

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    Police agencies were able to “basically hunt down, find this guy,” in record time among an estimated 10,000 shoppers in the mall at the time, he added.

    Several witnesses reported hearing the suspect announce "I am the shooter," before he began firing.

    “All of a sudden, I just heard a series of gunshots… boom, boom, boom, boom, boom… whatever the shooter was shooting at, they continued to shoot,” said shopper Bill Hoff.

    Watch: Viewer video of shoppers fleeing Clackamas Town Center

    ”I was sitting there by the door watching what was going on and then some guy just ran by in a white mask and an assault rifle and then I look out because I hear a few shots and he’s … and he’s sitting there and he’s pointing the gun at some people so we ran to the fitting room, grabbed some people then ran out to the back exit to get out of there," Macy's employee Mariah Saldana said.

    “It was just shot after shot after shot. It was terrible. It was like a massacre,” witness Kira Rowland said.

    Witnesses said the suspect fired several times until the rifle jammed and he the dropped a magazine onto the floor, then ran into the Macy's store.

    Family members seeking info can call CCSO non-emergency number: 503-655-8211

    Any witnesses were asked to contact police at (503) 655-8211.

    More: Witnesses describe terror of Clackamas shooting

    KGW reporter Abbey Gibb said people were crying and shaking as they came out of the mall.


    Dax McMillan, a former police officer, said a friend of his was right next to one of the victims. He said she told him that the gunman aimed at her but his gun jammed and she ran.

    Witness Benjamin Christensen, who works in the mall, said he was also there when the shooting began. He heard one shot, then six or seven more. He then began helping to evacuate others out of the rear exits.

    “There were just cops everywhere and sirens and ambulances coming in. I hope everyone is okay,” said a shopper named Isabel, who fled after the shooting. “It’s so close to a holiday. It’s terrible.”

    Another witness told KGW she heard several gunshots near Nordstrom, before people ran for cover.

    Reporter Pat Dooris described a heavy police and emergency vehicle presence as well as "a lot of chaos." One witness told him security forces helped shoppers get down to the ground and out of site after the shots were fired.

    “A deputy is about 50 yards away from me. He has a shotgun out, he’s hiding behind a car,” said John Canzano, a well-known local sports columnist who happened to be at the mall at the time said.

    The mall exit from Interstate 205 was closed by police until just after 5 p.m. Police said the mall would remain closed during the investigation.
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    Good thing he shot himself, at least we don't have to feed and house that POS for the rest of his life in Oregon prisons.
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    Busy afternoon for sirens yesterday.
    Prayers to all.
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  5. jasonl6

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    thank God none of these shooters can actually shoot. 60 rounds and 3 people shot. This is a terrible tragedy that the media will exploit to the most.

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  6. kellory

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    One CCW could have stopped him in his tracks. And should have. Just like that theater shooting.
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    Ding Ding Ding, We have a winning answer! How can i give his response like 2 likes?

    Yep, we need more gun control. More guns under the control of responsible citizens!
  8. Mountainman

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    Or was this like the Omaha, NE mall shooting where they had signs that prohibited you from concealed carry in the mall? Close enough to Portland that they may be effected by the libtard laws in that city.
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  9. ColtCarbine

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    Clackamas Town Center is a posted GUN FREE ZONE, rendering all law abiding citizens defenseless against those who do not obey the law. Makes me wonder how many more shootings like this will happen for property owners to realize that GUN FREE ZONES puts their customers in harms way. These places are havens for those wishing to go on a killing spree. What better place to commit these crimes than a place you know law abiding citizens are defenseless and that if somebody with a CCW does oppose you they get charged with a crime.

    A person with a CCW might have been able to save the day and in the same instance probably ruining their own life with charges brought against them.
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  10. Tracy

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    Gun Control laws talk is high.
  11. melbo

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    They just need to make those signs bigger so that the bad guys can see them.
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  12. BTPost

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    Knowing how bad the Bad Guy, in this case, was with shot placement, and general Gunmanship, I would say they need to make the Signs, in Braille......
  13. Mountainman

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    That is just what I figured. All people that were there need to file lawsuits to stop this libtard "your all safe here, no guns allowed" BS. I'll also bet the news failed to mention the "Gun Free Zone" but hit the gun control position. With their moronic thinking I can see TSA tactics to get into the mall in the future, strip search machines or the molest to get in. Then besides not flying, unless I absolutely have to, going to the mall is out.
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    They should file a suit against the city and the Mall owner and security company for failing to let them protect themselves with CCW. and pain and suffering for loss of life. And for the rest of the 10K people file for ptsd of being in a war zone. Hit them muther Fer's in the wallet for being Liberal. :cool:
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    Of course it is a public building, posted "Gun free zone".....did a lot of good, didn't it? Only the good guys follow laws.
  16. Tikka

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    The theater where people were killed was a company policy no gun zone.
  17. CATO

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    Liberals don't think like that. In their mind, the only safe world is one without guns. If the bad guys didn't have guns, you would have no reason to need to protect yourself. can't go any further than that. All of the good arguments that you could come up with would result in the liberal covering their ears and screaming "la, la, la, la, la, la" like a child. A gun ban means guns disappear instantly (including criminals) details please.
  18. CATO

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    Probably what you're going to see is metal detectors in malls/theatres/etc. Surplus TSA equipment for cheap.
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  19. ColtCarbine

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    Well of course they did, there is no reasoning with a libtard mind. The BS has already started only time will tell how much sponsorship this will get along with others that have yet to surface. I have no doubt that our sorry excuse for a Governor will jump on the coming bandwagon, surprised the POS has not made a public statement yet.



    As we predicted, the anti-gun bills are starting to show up in Salem. The first one by (of course) Ginny Burdick bans the "transfer" of magazines that can hold over 10 rounds.

    This bill (and no doubt others) were drafted some time ago and we were expecting to see it when the session began. But Burdick has, not surprisingly, decided to use the tragic murders at Clackamas Town Center to market her bill. In a hastily drafted email to legislators, Burdick said:
    "I invite you to sign onto the bill as co-sponsor. If you would like to sign onto the bill before next Friday’s deadline for pre-session filing, please contact my office at 503-986-1718, or come by our office, S-213.

    While Burdick's use of this crime to promote her agenda is shameful, it's no surprise. Why let a good crisis go to waste?

    We can assure you that this is only one of many anti-gun bills that will be coming our way when the session begins. We expect a ban on semi-autos, restrictions on licensed carry wherever school children are and attacks on preemption. Be prepared for a busy session.
  20. Mountainman

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    Oregon better not turn into a small version of Kommiefornia. I moved out of that state 12 years ago (NEVER TO RETURN) because of the libtard insanity and if it comes up here I'm not sure where to go.
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