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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by monkeyman, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. monkeyman

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    Well I kept waiting to post on this hoping I would hear something more about what exactly was going on but havent heard anything on it so here it is.

    A couple weeks ago I was working about 20 miles the other side of Whiteman airforce base and was riding with my boss to work in the morning. On the otherside of the hiway we saw a bright yellow low rider mini pickup (mazda type) stopped behind another older mini truck that was broke down along the hiway about 5 or so miles from the base and a young midle eastern guy going from the old truck back and jumping in the yellow one (pointed toward the base). We kept going (away from the base) to the gas station to fuel up and while we were there at the card pay pumps (out of sight of the attendants) the same yellow truck pulled up and the middle eastern guy jumped out but instead of getting gas he quickly changed the lisence plates on his truck then got back in and took off in a hurry away from the base toward the next town another 8 to 10 miles down the hiway.

    We got the new plate number and a description of the truck and driver and called the cops from the bosses cell. As we went on to the job site through that next town the yellow truck was sitting there at the edge of town and they had the driver cuffed and against the truck.

    All I heard about it was the boss had called in to see what he could find out and was told the guy had been arested over 'things found in the truck' that were not named.

    I know it definatly made me wonder though what was up. I mean just based on the fact he had obviously stolen tags and switched them at the station then took off it was worth reporting regardless of other things but have to say the fact it was a midle eastern guy in the vecinity of the military base and in a hurry to leave that area without being seen as the same vehicle definatly added to the uneasiness of wondering just what he may have been up to.
  2. Clyde

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    thought you had a .357 in the glove box.......should of done a citizens arrest at the gas station and called the police [siren] , beat the shit out of him [own2] (take that you goat fucker), lather him up with bacon fat [woot], and found some gay guy to make him one of the 72 "ass virgins" [whipem] before you cut his head off with your chain saw :shock:.

    If you had taken video of it, we could have disseminated over the internet. [boozingbuddies]

    What would the world have thunk of that american barbarianism? [applaud] [beer]

    b:: :shock: :evil:
  3. monkeyman

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    [LMAO] No, kind of needed the work and since the Feds are butt weeds and havent bothered to return any info for my back ground check dont get my CCW permit until the must issue dat this week (it was along just couldnt have it on my person) and was rideing with the boss who is German Baptist. They are pascifists and dont think I would have gotten a ride back to my truck let alone the day of work if I had bothered to pull that out and arest him myself. Not to mention that my luck would have turned out that as suspicious as it was it would have turned out to have been his 'old truck' broke down and had gotten the plates to transfer to his 'new truck' and I would have been the one in bracelets. Besides, there was no place for him to turn off (unless he wanted to go meet all the country boys in secluded country side [peep] ) untill he would get to the next town where they had plenty of time to be set up and waiting for him.
  4. Clyde

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    I still think the chainsaw head cutoff thingy would have been simply delightful. [gone]
  5. TnAndy

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    Have saw file to sharpen.....will travel.
  6. melbo

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    mm keeps a chainsaw in his cart....
  7. ghostrider

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    Saw III?
  8. monkeyman

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    Well normaly have a couple in my truck but was riding with a house mover that day instead of the tree trimmer or in my own truck so only had my pack with me. :D
  9. ghrit

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    :lol: :lol: :lol: [peep]
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