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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Seacowboys, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    [SIZE=+2]Make FREE 224 or 243 Bullets! [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+1] [​IMG] A special kit to make FREE 22 caliber centerfire bullets using recycled materials (fired 22 cases and range lead or soft lead wheel weights) is available from Corbin Manufacturing. The kit includes: Rimfire Jacket-Maker, to turn fired .22 LR cases into excellent .705-inch length (standard commercial) bullet jackets, Core Mould to form .185-diameter lead cores of any (adjustable) weight four at a time, Core Seat Die to press the cores into the jackets and form a concentric, tight assembly of the two, Point Form Die to finish the bullet by forming a 6-caliber spitzer radius ogive, Corbin Swage Lube, and the Corbin Handbook of Bullet Swaging, No.8 with full instructions and illustrations. (Click for price list)

    The kit makes it possible to produce high quality jacketed .223/.224 caliber bullets in the range of 50 to 80 grains. The .22 LR cases make their best bullets in the 52-60 grain range. The same dies can be used with regular commercial bullet jackets. An extra core seating punch is provided for use with the commercial jackets. Open tip, lead tip, and full metal jacket styles can all be made with the set. For a higher quality lead tip, an optional LT-1-R 224 6-S lead tip forming die can be ordered. This reshapes the somewhat blunted lead tip into a spitzer shape for a more professional appearance.

    For additional weight control, the optional CSW-1-R core swage die can be ordered, which bleeds off surplus lead from the lead cores, leaving a fixed volume of lead on each stroke. The weight can be set by you by the position of the die in the press head.

    Use any sturdy reloading press that accepts 7/8-14 threaded dies and has a t-slot ram that takes standard RCBS type button shell holders with the Corbin KIT-224R or KIT-243R. Progressive style presses, turrets and other special designs that do not accept a standard RCBS type button shell holder are not suitable. A kit can also be made for any of Corbin's own swaging presses. Usually these would include a core swage die. The FJFB-3-S die set, plus the RFJM-22S jacket maker, lead wire, core cutter, and swage lube would be the same components as this kit. You can substitute the CM-4 core mould in .185 diameter for the lead wire (LW-10) and core cutter (PCS-1).

    [​IMG] Orders may be placed by phone, fax, e-mail, or regular letter, and both VISA and MasterCard are welcome as means of payment. There is never an extra charge for using your bank card. Payment may also be made by check, money order, or direct wire transfer (call or write for procedure) with a $20 additional bank fee. Cash or money order COD shipments can also be made in the USA and Canada by UPS. Order on-line from our secure server shopping cart!
  2. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    Gonna cost about a buck to get this set up and running but a few of us around here are about to split the costs.
  3. padkychas

    padkychas Monkey+++

    is there any blue prints of a simple die set that could be used to make fmj type .223 projectiles or is there info on the net that I have not found?
    I wish the corbin site had kits that said if you wish to make a .223 55g fmj then order this set and you are good to go. I feel like you need an education just to understand what the site is and what to order.
  4. enough

    enough Monkey++

    I nearly fell over in my chair. I read it as, "Free dies to make the bullets." :)
  5. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Started saving my MT LR casings. So far, only a couple hundred, but will "pay (them) forward" when the time comes to make it worthwhile.
  6. Seawolf1090

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    It sure ain't cheap! But if the incoming DC Gangsters restrict ammo, this could be a viable option.
    I'm going to look into getting some buddies to go in on this too. The .224 kit I could swing myself, but for other calibers, it'll be more a group effort kind of thing!
    I can see local 'reloading/swaging parties' taking place nationwide. This would be a natural 'cottage industry'.

    All those Bubba's are gonna need their hunting ammo once their two boxes/year they buy run out and they can't purchase any more at WalMart .... [ROFL]
  7. RouteClearance

    RouteClearance Monkey+++

    What could also stop him from banning lead from being used in bullets itself. Kalifornia and some other states have already taken these steps already.

    I stick with conventional cast bullets for all my smoke poles and handguns. After priceing the swaging equipment from Corbin, I could go and buy more than enough 308 projectiles to last me a lifetime.

    We need to face the fact that if the huntin' bubbas will not stand up for thier rights now, then they definitely will not fight for them when all aspects of the US Consitution is completely voided by the .gov.

    The .22 kit would be the most economical of all the swaging kits out there today.
  8. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    Pay-off is at around 8000 rounds at present prices. Since I shoot around 12K a year from my AR, this is a no-brainer. I cast a lot of bullets too, just finished sizing and lubing 5000 200 gr swc .45s. The last 1000 I poured, I used some linotype and these are some awesome bullets. I got around a 100 lbs of linotype left; think I'm gonna cast them next few weeks.
  9. blltsmth

    blltsmth Monkey++

    If anyone out there would like to try some of these bullets,contact me:blltsmth@hotmail.com. I've been making them for over 20 years now! Thanks!!! Don
  10. magnus392

    magnus392 Field Marshall Mags Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    How in the hell did I miss this?
  11. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    If I could figure out how to extrude lead wire, I would have free bullets mostly. These make really good plinkers but I wouldn't put them up against a hornady boat-tail. I am getting some pretty ok groups at 100-200; definately within minute of ground-hog.
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