Sweden to make magazines illegal

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    Illegal in Sweden means licenced. For example today when you want to buy a new firearm you have to prove that you need it. When I got my Mini-thirty I had to have a need for the weapon, in my case hunting grounds where semi-autos are permitted for roe deer. Today you cannot buy a new mini-thirty or 14 here, impossible. If the rifle had had a folding stock or even been sold as "tactical" anything, this would have been the case at the time of my purchase also.

    Now, this is the new proposal: (Translated by Google)

    Proposal for a license for gun magazine
    STOCKHOLM. By introducing license on weapons magazine to government investigators access to the use of illegal weapons. Swedish Hunters Association is critical and points out that it would be more effective to put more resources to combating weapons smuggling. Moreover, they see a problem with what should be considered as a magazine.
    - I think everyone has screws, nuts, springs and washers laying around at home and it would then be considered part of a gun magazine, we have nine million potential criminals in Sweden, says union lawyer Ola Wälimaa to echo on the radio.
    But according to Peter Thorsell, an expert in the investigation, the risk being penalized for having a magazine spring home almost nonexistent.

    Maybe me buying shitloads of G3 surplus mags was a very dumb idea or a very good idea, depending on what side of the law you stand. Not saying I am a criminal or condone such behaviour. But at some point it just get's too ridiculous to even care about these rules they come up with.

    The government misses the target time and time again. Criminals don't care about the law. That's why they are called criminals.
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    Oh, the people who comprise "government" are completely aware of the ridiculous nature they espouse, when supporting the disarming of good people leads to the arming of bad people. They want YOU to become frightened. They want YOU to be dependent upon them for safety and for every answer. The criminal element doesn't matter because they know the criminals are greedy and will always trade liberty for cold, hard cash. The good civilians cannot own firearms because they directly threaten the power structure of the controlling elite. They can't have a free, decent people who are also armed questioning their perceived authority.

    Tyrants are all the same --sooner or later they will fall to the people. We outnumber them, and we won't remain complacent forever.
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    This is just one more example of a government run amuck and why Our Second Amendment is so very important to defend.
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