Sweetie Has Gallstones

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    Yesterday, about 2 PM, I got a call from Sweetie...she was at the emergency room with severe pain just below ribs on right side. Excruciating pain. The docs there gave her an iv opium derivative that helped bunches. She had quite a few tests and they all point to gall stones. Yuck! She's been eating well, exercising very well and in a great mood for several weeks now. Then bam!

    Anywho, we got her home from the ER and she was relaxing several hours later when it started to flare up again. I went to the internet and looked up home remedies and ended up giving her 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar (ACV) and 8 oz fresh apple juice. In about 15 minutes all was ok. The doc gave her a pain med and a nausea med that kinda halfway work.

    I did quite a bit of research and came across a gall bladder/liver cleanse that is 2 days long and uses epsom salt solution, olive oil, lemon, chamomile extract and bunches of apple juice and we figured we'd let things settle down with her for a day or 2 then go on the cleanse.

    Today, about 11:30 I get a call from her at work....pain is back. I head home and give her another 1/4 C ACV and 8 oz fresh apple juice and in about 20 minutes, things are easing up. I asked if she wanted to head to the hospital and see what else to do and she said no, she wants to try the cleanse first.

    Sooo, I was wondering if anyone had any actual, personal experience with this cleanse, either good or bad? Also, if any of ya'll have experience with gall bladder stuff, what was your final outcome?


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    PM sent
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    Great i'net research! I knew there were/are many effective uses for ACV but I did not know that ACV & apple juice worked so quickly for gall bladder stones. Both my dear wife and I have had our gall bladders removed so those stones are not an issue, but . . . . I'd like to keep the kidney stone demon away, far away!
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    Wishing I knew about this five years ago when the Mrs went through this.

    Good to know.
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    I think the cleanse would work. I have heard of this before.

    I will tell you too that the GB can burst. This almost happened to me when we were on vacation. I had to go to the hospital and the tests did not show anything wrong. Upper and lower GI. The Doctor wanted to send me home for surgery. I told him I wanted to go ahead and get it done.They had to aspirate the liquid in my GB before they could clamp the edges and remove my GB. This is very dangerous. The Dr. told me the next day I would have died had he sent me home. He said he was glad he listened to the patient and not the tests.

    I pray all goes well.
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    Prayer outbound for "Sweetie"..
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    Well, we didn't make it to even first part of cleanse.

    Tuesday about noon, Sweetie had a really bad attack and we called an ambulance for her. Got to local hospital and tests revealed gallbladder was very swollen and high white blood cell count indicating infection had set in. After discussions, we all decided that she would be better off at a university hospital about 2 1/2 hours away rather than in our little local one, so we headed out about 11:30 pm.

    Just got her settled in a room about 20 minutes ago after spending the night in the ER.
    We are waiting for an opening in the surgery schedule now. Bummer, but this is the right thing to do.

    Prayers welcome.

    Kajun & Sweetie.
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    Ive tried the olive oil /lemon juice mix before. Heads up DO NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE... May also look into infowars store they have a product for that very issue. But the one you used works.. Best of wishes for yall.
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    Praying for you and Sweetie...
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    I spend way too much time at hospitals with the wife. Knee-mail in route.
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    Prayers going up. Best wishes.
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    Prayers your way.
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    Thanks, everyone.

    The docs told us this afternoon that Sweetie's gallbladder was quite infected and that hasto be cleared up before operating. So she will be in the hospital for at least 2 more days...Friday at the earliest, probably either Saturday or Monday for surgery. They have upped her pain management activities and are giving her some pretty serious iv antibiotics.

    Her fever is down a couple of degrees and she is resting a bit easier now.
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    Wow that is quite a hit Txkajun. I'm so sorry. prayers and thoughts are on you both
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    Looks like the surgery will be Saturday. Sweetie is doing better....less pain, fever gone and she is resting easily. Hoorah!!
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    Prayers enroute...
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    There was an opening in the surgery schedule for this afternoon, the docs decided Sweetie was doing great on the antibiotics, so they did the galbladderectomy (spelling) this afternoon. Hooray!!! She just got back to the room and is doing fine.

    Unfortunately, the gb was much worse than expected, so they had to do an incision instead of the laparoscopic procedure. But she came thru just fine.

    A day or so in the hospital, then spend a night here in town just to be on the safe side, then home. Hooray for Sweetie and the surgeons here. And thank you, Jesus!
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    Thank you for the update. So glad she is doing well given her condition. God bless
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    I am so glad she is doing ok. Thank you for the update. She is going to be real sore. Be sure she turns every 2 hours and coughs.
    This is very important so she does not get pneumonia.
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    Thank you Jesus indeed!!!!
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