Swiss Army Knife Suspension

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Yard Dart, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. Yard Dart

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    Fifth-grader suspended at overnight nature camp for bringing Swiss Army knife - Yahoo! News

    What the hell is going on when you can not have a kid carry a Swiss Army Knife to a camping trip..... pisses me off that we have got to this point in our society. If you are a parent and are tolerating this crap in your school, stop, step up and excerpt your right to have kids be kids and learn the basics in the great outdoors.... [rnt]
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    My question to these IDIOT Educators, would be, "What are you doing to protect MY KID, from the Wild Animals, that frequent those woodlands, in Northern Kommiefornia? That area is KNOWN for Black Bears, Cougars, and those ferocious Deer, and Porcupines...."
    Answer that, you NEA Thugs.......
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  3. Rabid

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    When I was a kid that was considered a tool not a weapon of class disruption.
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  4. tulianr

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    A friend of ours, a public school teacher, came over for a visit a couple of weeks ago. She hadn't been there more than a few minutes when our five-year-old said, "Wanna see my knife?" He promptly displayed his Swiss Army Knife, of which he is inordinately proud, and demonstrated the functions for her. She looked a little distressed and said, "I see now why you guys are homeschooling. It's probably a good idea."

    She's a good person, and wasn't being nasty, but was obviously uncomfortable; and it was obvious that while we're all good friends, she probably thinks we're a couple of steps back on the evolutionary scale. Sort of like when you would visit your grandparents as a kid, and leave shaking your head and laughing at their eccentricities.

    I suppose giving a five-year-old a knife in this day and age would be considered eccentric by most; and I would have to agree that putting a sharp object into the hands of the average five-year-old would be downright dangerous. We are dumbing down our children though, by protecting them from every bump and boo-boo. My kid has been using a steak knife to cut much of his own food since he was four (you should see the nervous looks by some who have been at our table), and has been carrying a pocketknife since then as well. He has yet to cut himself, or anyone else. He knows how to use his knife. I help him keep it sharp to minimize the chance of him getting cut. It wouldn't occur to him to threaten anyone with his knife, or to act irresponsibly with it, because he knows exactly what it does.

    We don't have to worry about his actions with a knife, just as we don't have to worry about him picking up a gun and doing something stupid. He knows exactly what a gun does. He's shot my .22 rifle, and he always goes with us when we go shooting, and he knows that a gun is not a toy. He knows that if you point a gun at something and pull the trigger, whatever is in front of the barrel will be destroyed. If he picked up a gun and pointed it at somebody, he wouldn't be thinking, "Wow, a neat gun, just like in the movies!" He'd be thinking, "Sight picture, sight alignment, slow trigger squeeze." And the person he'd be aiming at would be someone who needed shooting.

    I can't believe how low the expectations are that most parents have for their children these days. Set the bar low, and they will certainly meet your expectations. We want to keep kids in a cocoon until we turn them loose in the world, and we wonder why they are still acting like children when they are in their twenties.

    I so could not deal with public school administrators these days. Actually, we're homeschooling because I'm afraid I'd choke the living crap out of a teacher or principal one of these days. They've got a job to do, and I wouldn't want it - given what sort of material most parents are giving them to work with these days; so I'm keeping my kid at home to make their jobs a little easier on them, and to keep me out of jail.
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    I used to know a couple with a 9 year old daughter. She could field strip and clean an uzi. (something I've never done) She has shot it at the range, and when a do-gooder fearfully asked her if she would show it to her friends, she replied, "Are you nuts Lady? These things can kill you?!" I nearly fell off my chair laughing. This was a number of years ago, and I believe she now votes Republican/ Conservative.:D
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    Every kid I grew up with had pocket knives, every man I know today carries a pocket knife, well with the exception of the candy asses at the local university.
  7. NotSoSneaky

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    Seem to me the mission of our school system has become churning out compliant, unquestioning sheeple. NO!!
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  8. ghrit

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  9. HK_User

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    Yes and it goes all the way to University Instructors.
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