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    I had to piece this together from the shoutbox @tacmotusn
    cut and pasted here whole hog, no edits or attempts at filling in the omissions if any. Guns, if you want to, pm edits to me or a mod for fixing this up and filling in the oopses.

    Fixed, I think.


    Liver rules are easy. must be fresh, not frozen. frozen liver may be prepared passable, but will NEVER get rave reviews even from liver lovers. i would never share this in deer camps, because that is usually where i receive free fresh deer liver. you can chill it in freezer until it firms up enough to easily slice into near uniform 3/8 - 1/2" slices. refrigerate until ready to prepare, less than 24 hours. heavy skillet such as seasoned cast iron best. i save bacon fat and keep in jar in frig for cooking certain things. this is one of them. take two large sweet onions or what you have. peel them, split them into halves vertically, slice into 5/16 - 3/8 half slices, set aside. heat skillet over med high heat with 3 - 4 TBS bacon fat or improvise (butter flavor crisco maybe) don't let it smoke / burn, add onions and cook them stirring until just starting to carmelize. remove onions and set aside. add fat if necessary, liver slices, season with salt n pepper, dredge in flour, sear quickly both sides in batches (when blood starts to bubble thru on top unseared side flip over - don't worry about undercooking). when all slices are seared both sides, remove skillet from heat. Turn the heat down to low. Return onions to skillet and add 1/4 cup of flour from dredging, and stir until fully moistened, then stir in 3 cups half milk n half water. increase heat a bit to bring to simmer boil, stirring. when thickened add seared slices and juice from slices to onion gravy mixture. keep at slow simmer 20 - 30 min covered when not stirring.

    Finish other sides during this time. you have to fix one of the following, biscuits, mashed taters, or rice. also another veggie side. serve and enjoy. the liver should be cutable with fork alone. gravy may be stretched with cream of mushroom soup.
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    I would just as soon eat the butthole than a piece of liver. Mama tried to hide it every which way when we were kids. You can't hide that nasty taste.
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    Unless your hotdogs are kosher you are likely getting your wish ;)
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    Following oopsies need letters, words, added.
    1st paragraph add n to last word.
    2nd para. Add at to last word.
    3rd para. End should say turn heat down to low.
    4th para. Typo oopsie, sloe should be slow.
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    So, slice it up into thin bits, then batter and fry with onions? Yup, good stuff if you batter it up to retain what juices may remain and like it that way...
    I don't.

    I fry it whole, the way Gordon Ramsay would do it. And never overcook liver.
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    Or, put the gravy over rice and feed the liver to the dog......:rolleyes:
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    You are probably right on the money. I tried to make myself like liver, but just couldn't do it.
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    The step that always gets omitted except by me apparently is deveining. It's not enough to remove the gall bladder. You have to take out the bile ducts too. It's simple in the fresh state. You can simply pinch and pull and they will come out. It makes a tremendous difference. My wife absolutely hated liver until I prepared it. Now she didn't love it, but at least considered it passable. (there is a genetic component to whether you like or hate liver. There's also a chef's component. Most people don't know how to cook it) The OP is right though in that it has to be fresh. Same goes for mountain oysters and kidneys. That's not going to happen in the grocery store

    I prefer a thicker cut than described, about 3/4 inch, no flour, just saute in some walnut oil with salt, pepper, garlic until medium rare and allow it to rest at least 10 minutes before eating. It's also good as leftovers with a sharp cheese on a sandwich

    Another option for leftovers is to puree it into a pate, or then add some whipped egg whites folded in and bake into a souffle.
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