Recipe Tac's real Pimiento Cheese Spread

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    Too Easy, Too Tasty, .... Why are you buying and eating the CRAP with all kinds of chemicals etc from grocery store? MAKE IT YOURSELF !!!
    Tacmot's Pimiento Cheese Spread
    8 oz softened Cream Cheese, 16 oz grated Cheddar Cheese, 4 - 7 oz jar chopped Pimientos - drained, (options, you will need something to thin this cheese and pimiento mixture. most common thing used is aprox 3 TBS Mayo or Miracle Whip. there are other possibilities. I have recently been using Siracha chili sauce. Some friends use Chinese Sweet Chili sauce, others mayo and tobasco. bottom line you need a thinner to blend it well. try it with mayo, and experiment later)
    instructions: obtain all the ingredients, in a medium mixing bowl, cut the softened cream cheese into 1/2 thick pieces, cover with drained pimientos, 3 TBS mayo or substitute, fine grated cheddar cheese. Blend well with hand mixer, or by hand with HD forks that won't easily bend until white cream cheese is blended in and no white chunks remain. Refrigerate until read to serve. Will keep safely in frig for up to a week. It usually is gone from snacking long before that when i make it just for myself. ENJOY
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    Thank you @tacmotusn. I threw the nasty store bought stuff away.
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  3. tacmotusn

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    After talking to you the other day, i put the ingredients on my grocery list. Just made a batch this morning.
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    I do not have: Sriracha chili sauce, Chinese Sweet Chili sauce, or Tabasco. Not sure what I have to add a bit of zing.
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    I've used the same cheese ratio with spicy chowchow stuffing in celery during the holidays.

    As Pimento cheese it's probably amazing
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