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    Has anyone tried the Insight M6X light/laser?[​IMG]
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    M6X Tactical Laser Illuminator - Pistol
    More Powerful. More Durable. More Options.

    The all new MIL-spec design and construction of the M6X Tactical Laser Illuminator takes tactical lighting and target acquisition to the next level.
    - The penetrating power of 125 peak Lumens
    - Military-proven visible aiming laser
    - Waterproof to 20m/66ft
    - Insight's proven ambidextrous rocker switch
    - Optional backplates provide interchangeable switching including pistol, long gun with pressure switch, and contoured pistol remote.
    - Fits most tactical pistols and shoulder-fired weapons

    These commodities fall under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security, and are subject to the Export Administration Regulations.

    Technical Data

    DIMENSIONS Pistol: 3.6" L x 1.6" W x 2.1" H
    Long gun: 3.6" L x 1.6" W x 2.1" H
    WEIGHT Pistol: 4.4 oz. w/batteries
    Long gun: 4.8oz. w/batteries
    WATERPROOF 66 ft. for 2 hours
    RUN TIME Minimum 60 min. continuous
    PEAK OUTPUT 125 lumens
    RANGE 30 meters
    LAMP TYPE Incandescent, xenon filled
    BATTERY TYPE (2) lithium 123, 10 year shelf-life
    VOLTS 6 DC
    TEMP. RANGE -32° to +65°C
    LASER OUTPUT POWER (max) 3.0 - 3.5mw, class IIIa
    LASER BORESIGHT RETENTION <1.5" avg. at 25m
    *Infrared laser option available

    Adapter Requirements

    GLOCK with mounting rails None required
    BERETTA 92/96 series Model #CFL-600 required
    SHOTGUN Benelli, Remington and others Model #CFL-900 required
    RIFLE M16, M4, AR15 Various aftermarket rails available.

    Click to view more photos

    Information on Accessories

    CFL-015 IR Filter
    CFL-900 Shotgun Adapter
    CFL-600 Beretta Adapter
    CFL-220 Sigarms Adapter P220
    CFL-226 Sigarms Adapter P226
    CFL-228 Sigarms Adapter P228/229
    DL123ABK 3V Lithium Batteries
    CFL-120 X-Series Bulb
    CFL-310 X-Series Long Gun Remote
    CFL-150 X-Series Pistol Backplate
    CFL-170 X-Series Long Gun Backplate
    CFL-110 X-Series Bezel
    1913 model: M3X-043
    ITI model: M3X-002 X-Series Latch Bar
    CFL-076 X-Series Latch Spring
    CFL-210 X-Series Flip-Up Filter
    CFL-180 X-Series Bikini Filter
    CFL-400 Contoured Remote Switch (CRS)

    More information about adapters is available on our Accessories Page.

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    Toll Free: 877-744-4802 PHONE: 603-626-4800 FAX: Contact Information

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    No, I haven't. This one looks like it is the top of the line. I bet it's real cheap too. :rolleyes:
  4. ghrit

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    5oo USD on optics planet :(
  5. Seacowboys

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    just good one from ebay auction for $350.00
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