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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by mage2, May 29, 2007.

  1. mage2

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    I have a rant/question.

    Why are Taclights so costly. To me spending over 200 for a flashlight is way to much. Even the rails are extremely costly.
    Is there some reason for this that I dont see?

    Can someone share their wisdom?
  2. melbo

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    I think it's because there are few companies making lights that can withstand repeated recoil, drops, and other daily abuse without failing. Surefire comes to mind. SF lights are the best IMHO.

    I have 7 or 8 SFs and they work everytime. I also have been on a personal SF boycott the past 2 yrs as we've seen price increase after price increase. I used to buy their batteries in 72 packs when they were $1.25 each. Now I buy another brand for $1 a piece after SF went to $1.75.

    You mention $200... I bet you were looking at an X200 for your new kimber eh? You will love it. LED is as bright as an incandesent bulb.
  3. ghrit

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    I still have visions of a weapon mounted light showing the BGs where to shoot. I use all sorts of flashlights, but no way I'll hold it near the weapon even if I have to shoot a 454 with one hand. Minute of BG is close enough with anything bigger than a 357 anyhow.
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  5. BigO01

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    Just my opinion here mage2 but I wouldn't own a over priced weapons light .

    If you shoot with a two handed hold you can do what I do for $50 .

    I use a Dorcy light that has a 3 watt Luxeon LED that outs out 90 lumen's , a push button switch on the body up by the bulb .

    With this light I can still use a two handed hold and operate the light by flashing it on and off as needed with the thumb operated button .

    The greatest thing is they take 3 ordinary AAA batteries and are about the size of a mini mag light .

    These lights are durable as heck as I have used one for work for over two years and have dropped it from 6ft+ on a concrete floor many times and have never broken anything on it .

    Go to Sears.com and search for Dorcy and take a gander at them .
  6. mage2

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    Well I guess my problem with the cost is that LEDs are dropping in price faster than I can keep up. I have a 1 watt AL body flashlight and a 3 watt mag lite.. both are LED and have survived everything. I agree with the niche market though. Just sometimes I feel like I am in the wrong job. I priced the rail attachment for my kimber.. $60 for a small piece of steel amazes me. I think I should start making them and selling them. Now just to get a CNC Mill. Thanks for the link E.L. I am going to research it.
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