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    I spent the last week doing the TR class I always wanted to take, and it was everything I'd hoped it would be and more!! I was the one who started the thread and asked James what we needed to do to get another HRCC Medical Class on the books. I was about to take SUT, but wanted to see if we could get this one scheduled the following year. He repsonded and so did all of you and we made it happen. I didn't make it to sut because of my accident, but by this year was ready to go.

    I arrived in Camden around 11 am on Sunday morning. Stopped by the range and hung out for a bit while AK Operator and FR classes were happening. Then headed over to Willis' shop to pick up some of my gear. Ran out and got some grub with TJ and got the lowdown on what to expoect for the week. We then met up at the gear store @ 6 for our initial briefing and team assignemnts. I was assigned to Alpha Team. A lot of the guys I had been talking to over the past two years to get ready for HRCC SUT were on my team - Tin Gizel, Hitman Actual 46, JLAW, and a couple were on Omega TacDriver, Mike McD. Once we got done at the gear shop we went back to Birdsong and got settled in our units with our gear. We then met back at the main team cabin to get team assignemnts and make out Wal-Mart Run. We decided early on to eat at the cabin as much as possible. We would usually stop at the cabin on the way to the range for lunch if possible as it saved time over Cody's and was a little lighter, which definitely was a good thing for me. Love the Q, but runnin and gunnin on a full stomach is not conducive to good performance in warm temps at least for me. The weather was erfect all week, mid 70's and sunny early on, then cooled down Thursday/Friday (better for me).

    Day 1 We met at the main cabin to convoy to gear store on Monday morning for our first lecture then range to practice it in the afternoon. We covered the 5 B's (Bad Guys, Bleeding, Breathing, Brain, Body). The first day we covered the first 2. We learned how to use the items in our VOK's properly. We started with the proper way to apply the TQ and where to place them on the arms and legs. Doc checked us to make sure we had them on properly. A little later he induced a little stress and had us get them on offhand quickly. We then broke for lunch and on to the range. Having gotten knocked out of SUT last year due to my auto accident I was getting butterflies heading to the range in anticipation. I was wearing a PIG plater carrier on day one with 8 P-mags and a SOE Vertical Tear Off Med Pouch. A BFG Battle Belt with 2 Eagle FB Glock Mag Pouch and 2 Eagle FB M4 Pouches with 2 P mags. After the first drill the front plate came out....at.. I sat out drill 3 and was over heated. The PC was not a good option for me. Dinner was some spaghetti back at the team cabin. It was awesome end to a long day.

    Day 2 started in the same fashion and the lecture focused more on the breathing component of the 5 B's. We learned to properly insert NPA's It acutally didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would. With 20 folks in class the practice portion took a bit but went very smoothly and everyone did a great job. The hands on aspect really is what I loved most about the class. We also talked about needle decompressions and Cric's. We did some scenario's in class that day as well to practice what we had learned so far then it was lunch break and off to the range for more practice. We did some vheicle work on day 2 and having not done SUT was a little nervous but my team mates were awesome and we got it done. It was amazing to me to see how we gelled and moved more cohesively on day 2 as compared to day 1. Moving and bounding to the casualty and setting up a defensive line while the casualties problems were addressed and was moed to a safer location. On day 2 I switched from the PC to the Willis gunfighter Micro Rig with a few extra mags tucked here and there. We were told on day 1 that no shot unless you can see the target clearly. With all the smoke and dust it made it impossible for me sometimes to see very much after the first few bounds. I will echo JL's sentinemnts and think I shot somewhere between 600-800 rounds total all week. Did 2 of the 3 drills that afternoon as dehydration was starting to take it's toll on me.

    Day 3 was the longest day we spent all day in lecture then directly to the range for the night shoot. We covered injections, drawing blood, and starting IV's. Again with 20 folks, the practice component took a bit, but wa vital to our success in the field. I got my blood draw on try 1, and my IV on try 2. It had been 15 plus years since I've drawn any blood, but it came back pretty quick. Helps when everyone is in shape and their veins are visible :). After James did the low light lecture it was off to the range for our run. This was a first for me and definitely a rush. We did a great job moving and communicating. I was first to the casualty and it was my a battle buddy Doc Schmitty. trying to find items in his VOK in the dark sucked. But we got him squared away (Cric and morphine shot) loaded on a litter and out of their ASAP. Then Omega had their run. It was amazing to watch the chaos from the sideline as when you are in it you don't realize all that is going on. Then it was back to get cleaned up then enjoy some pizza with Omega and our team cabin. Mil-spec monkey was an Alpha Team Member and he had a videographer there to capture footage. We got to ende the day watching a lot of the coverage. It was a great tool to see how you were ****ing up!!

    Day 4 covered the last of the B's and some other topic's. We then went to the range to do some more runs. On our secound run I was taggged exiting the vehicle. After shooting out the window (wait for the video it was badass!!) I turned into Doc's right hook with the ketchup bottle (You still got it doc!!) My lip is still sore. They got me out of the vehicle and then Tin Gizel and Hitman Actual 46 drug me 10-15 feet to cover to begin work. Let me just say OSOE gear is the bomb!! The drug my ass with all my gear by the shoulder straps on the Micro Rig and got an occlusive dressing and h-dressing on my neck shot. That had to be 325 at least with everything. It was the best part for me just to lay there and hear/feel everything going on around me. TJ got the IV on stick 1 with doc yelling at him non stop. He was fricking awesome. They got me on the litter then had to drag my ass back. After the first switch Claire got on the litter and she was like 123 go.... After 3 or 4 bounds she was still yelling and everyone else was like HOLD!!! That girl is special!! I want my daughter to be just like her when she grows up - Smart, confident, willing to learn, and just an all around badass!! After that we did another run and called it a day. We all went out to LaPonto's for dinner that eveninng and enjoyed some good food before the final X

    Day 5 was final X day. We got to the store for a final lecture by Doc Norman and then brief by Jay. While waiting to depart we were all out back and got prepped. JLaw and Tin Gizel decided to break the tension with a dance off. The worm, sprinkler and various other unknown dances were all in attendence. (I want the video AJ!!) We were then on the way to the range. Omega was the prinary team and we were the QRF. It all began with a bang. We all meshed really well and were moving our way back to the berm with Galikanokis and another casualty when within about 25 yards doc tagged me with a neck wound. They were on me in a second and hed the wound adressed, littered, and over the berm in what seemed like 2 minutes. The Canadians are some badass Mofo's!! Andrew you are a beast brother and I am glad to have had the chance to work with you, Travis, and Austin. Once in safety Mike McD worked his magic under the tuteledge of TacDriver and finally got the IV in. We were down to 1 16 gauge left. He popped it right in!! ****ing awesome Job. After they got the IV and all clear was called and it was back to the Gear store for video review and final thoughts.

    What seemed so daunting for me on day 1 was over in a flash. I had wanted this so bad since I saw the combart arms article and it was now finally a reality. There are so many folks that helped me get to here and make it a sucessful reality. James for putting it back on the schedule. Everyone for helping me get physically ready - Big Al, Jonestastic, Tin Gizel, WETSU, Romeo Sierra and my coaches @ Derby City Crossfit. My Alpha Team Mates (Drew, Key, Oatmeal, George, Doc Schmitty, Jason, Oatmeal, Monkey, and Claire) were the best group I could have asked for. We jelled from minute one and made it a sucessful week. The Omega Crew was great to work with as well and were awesome guys!! Jay Hello Sir Gibson was as always the glue that held all this together in the field along with Hunter, Steve, Tim, David and Yoshi. Doc Norman has such a unique way to impart knowledge and makes you feel like you can do anyting. He can also stress the **** out of you in the field and gett your HR up :). Thank you so much Doc for everything you did this week.

    We had a great BBQ and socialization Friday night and it was the best way to unwind and reflect on the week. After dropping Monkey 2 the airport in Nashville I was back home to Louisville around 1. My car is still mostly packed, so i'm ready to go back this week but unfortunately its back toe the grind for me this week. It will not be the same.............


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