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Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by Paradoc, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. Paradoc

    Paradoc Retired Combat Medic

    They offer a course and a blow out kit, called Ventilated Operators Kit.

    It was detailed in the last Shotgun News (both course and kit) and it nails the heart of gunshot wound management in both composition and concept.

    You may want to check it out, the issue of SGN is red cover with the SOCOM II M1A on it.

    The instructors are a trauma doc and several combat vet SF medics.

    The article details the components of the kit if you wish to duplicate it yourself.

    Food for thought.
  2. melbo

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    They are not far from me and we have considered trying to get out for some training. I ran across the Owners Myspace site one time in a search on TR and read that his favorite book was Unintended Consequences.
  3. Paradoc

    Paradoc Retired Combat Medic

    be prepared for sticker shock, the course is $1250, and you provide your own gear, weapons and ammo.

    The meat and potatoes of it are things I was taught in several different military schools, but appears to combine a level of realism that the Army has unfortunately left out of the training environment and medics only gain through combat experience.
  4. melbo

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    The price is high but not bad for a civilian looking for some top notch training... And on the Tactics side of things, Camden TN is closer to me than FS.

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    Here are the rest of his vids (11 of them)
    Didn't see one geared towards the medical side.
  5. Paradoc

    Paradoc Retired Combat Medic

  6. kckndrgn

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    HMMM, looks like I have few birthday and Christmas ideas for the wife to give me :)

  7. phishi

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    Couple of items to note:

    The course listed requires other courses or training as a prerequisite. However, there is a two day course that deals with the medical side only and is cheaper ($400.00 ish). It lacks the bombs and bullets, but would probably still offer the gore....

    SWAT magazine has a write up by J. Yeager (Owner/Operator) of his blow out kit. I skimmed it today at a Barnes and Noble. Easy read, might motivate some to attend one of his courses. Take a look if you are interested.....

    Finally, I believe that this course does have a place in everyone's knowledge base. However, it deals with limited subject matter, mainly what to do if you find yourself being shot at while dealing with a traumatic, life-threatening injury. An approach that would cost roughly the same (or be cheaper), and would also give you a well rounded base, might be to attend a wilderness first responder class or some entry level and advanced Red Cross first aid courses. I realize that these are not perfect, but they do offer a broader approach to all the things that can go wrong with the human body. Or do what I plan to do, get the basic first aid training first and then go to Tactical Response....

    Just my .02,
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