Tactical Response's Contractor shooting package

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Nomad 2nd, Oct 29, 2007.

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    Contractor shooting package <hr style="color: rgb(209, 209, 225);" size="1"> <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message --> Yea, I'm visiting again, although next weeks classes got cancled due to lack of participation.

    only 10 guys in the class, (A couple others had last second emergencies)
    3 AR's
    6 AK47's
    1 AK74

    2 of the AK's have the H1 Aimpoints, and I'm looking forward to evaluating their performance.

    One shooter is using a Romanian Drum for some drills (As did a shooter in the last class) and I'm starting to see more of a place for them.

    And I believe Gabe Suarez's new low profile bag is being used by one of the shooters.

    Live fire bounds were being done today.
    A few things have been refined, rather than the snoring and non snoring rooms the 2 rooms are desegnated one per team.
    And not all cars are used, rather all movements to the range... are done in a convoy...

    I'm just watching but some of the changes brought about 'little flashbacks' I told James that whenever that happens, it's good.
    -It's done to create bonding and increase stress and comradery (SP?)

    A couple of the guys are using Wesachis (SP?) from HSG without plates,
    and it seems to work.

    Aimpoints and Eotecs
    Ultimak rails are showing their usual steller performance

    During the last few drills of the day you could see the students brains click and they began looking around to see what other people were doing (NOT easy in a stressful shooting situation) and communicating well with each other (a IMPORTANT point)

    I'll get pics. up tomorrow or something...
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    Sounds cool.
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    Just curious, what was going on in the third pic? I just ask because I notice the guy is just ahead of/beside a large rock, so was kid of wondering what the drill was that he chose that location rather than the cover behind th rock. Not downing anything at all as Im sure there would be situations where that would be the best coarse and just wondering if there was reasoning to it that Im not thinking on or if it was just the deal of not seeing it that way do to a high adrenaline situation...or if Im just not seeing the pic right as it appears he is in a kneeling shooting position.
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    He is kneeling because a fold in the ground keeps your from being able to shoot the target while prone.

    So you reload prone and 'pop up' to shoot.

    I'd bet that the rock is useless due to that.
    (Also I don't think it's that big due to what I remember of the field.)

    HOWEVER, they DID miss several similar uses of cover.

    We're breaking them in. It was only day 1.
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    OK, like I say, figured was likely not seeing the whole situation from the pic but looked like went 2-3 steps past excelent full hard cover to kneel in the open while (at least simulateing) advanceing on a hostile threat. So didnt know if it was just that they missed it, if training said NOT to use it for a reason I hadnt considered or just that it only existed in the pic (like the rock was fist sized but looked huge due to proximity to camera).
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    They are moving backwards (So he didn't get to it)
    And I'm pretty sure that it is small, just looks large due to the camera angle, but they DID miss things LIKE what you outlined.

    And today is a new day, I think the night shoot is tonight...
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    So your are training the guys that us "Patriots" will be going up against when the dolt declares martial law. Nice.

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    that school is open to everyone , not just cops , or military
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    OK, but this part of the thread title says, Tactical Response's Contractor shooting package....

    Am I left to believe that they don't recruit with the hint of being able to get a nice note on the resume when applying to scumbags like Blackwater?
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    Thanks for the pics and the details Nomad. I look forward to more. I would also like to hear how the tactics and weapons hold up. I can see where the AKs would be very popular in the sand. Tell us more about the courses, itinerary, where they were held, cost, etc. I think that everyone going over there as a contractor, whether a truck driver, forklift driver, or guard should go through intense training. It is a combat zone, I don't want to see any more of the video's of the truckers getting executed. They need the skills and equipment to give them a fighting chance.

    Thanks for your contribution, and ignore the trolls [troll] as they are just looking to pick at fight. Don't feed the [troll].
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    Nomad thanks for the pics and the more information you want to give as to the course the better. Can you give a list of the top 5 mistakes you constantly see people make?
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    Pics first, then I'll post some stuff:




  14. Nomad 2nd

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  15. Nomad 2nd

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    Dude, you WILL NOT FIND more patriotic people ANYWHERE.

    Yep, that's what it says, and some do go through here. but let me see, looking around the Team Room we have a retired Army shooter, another former military guy, a Canadian Geologist's assistant, and a bunch of Paramedics.
    I don't believe ANY of them intend on being contractors, they are just REAL shooters.

    I can't say any 5 top mistakes, but here is course info:

    I am NOT an instructor, and I have no affiliation with Tactical response other than having taken 9 classes there, and so I know alot of the guys, and have come to call some friends.
    -Due to my free time (In process of being medically retired from the Corps)
    I hang out here and help how I can BECAUSE I BELIEVE IN IT/THEM.
    I get no $ from them, don't intend on working for them... it's just that these are quality people and the guys I know who I've got to come here say they'll be back...

    FYI there is a $100 off Coupon in the November issue of SWAT.
  16. Nomad 2nd

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    They learned how to bail out of cars under fire today, Radio communication, their teamwork is improving, and we just got done with the night shoot.
  17. Clyde

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    Whatever your mindset is about "contractor" training, attending a program will only make you better. Why?

    1) You get to learn how to work as a team under as real as it can get conditions;
    2) You get to hone your skills and learn from people with far more experience;
    3) If you think these guys are the ones you will face in a SHTF situation, you can learn their tactics and use their training against them;

    I know with the Katrina aftermath and the discussion of the Blackwater guys going in and doing some house cleaning, many preppers believe the .gov will use these guys to do the work the military can't. True or not, I don't know.

    Personally, I would go to one of these training sessions because I have never done it before and could learn a hell of a lot more than I ever could in the actual field situation. Better to learn in practice than in a SHTF situation.

    Thanks for jumping in Nomad. We look forward to you hanging around. I bet you have seen much in your line of work that could help us all.

    Perhaps a thread on .45 acp vs. .40 vs. 9mm from a Cops perspective would be enlightening. What have you seen working best in the "real world" of cops and robbers?
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    Good to see you here Nomad.
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    I'm a Marine Dude.

    That said, ALL pistols are underpowered.
    I generally say 'Carry the biggest thing you can double tap with.'

    However with the recent costs of ammo... 9mm and alot of training is looking pretty good. (TRAINING is the key. You will not rise to the situation, you will default to the highest level of training you have mastered.)

    If you carry a 9mm DO NOT use FMJ. From my observations it does NOT work.

    If I carry a 9mm I stoke it with Cor Bons.

    Just my $0.02, I'm no guru or anything.
  20. monkeyman

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    I would agre with that, dont run FMJ for defensive ammo, military only uses it because under treaty its required and the wounded soldiers hurt the enemy gov more than dead ones anyway. The best gun is the one you can hit something with, a hit from a .22 will do more than 5 misses from a .45.
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