tactical vest recommendations?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Tango3, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. Tango3

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    Who likes their tactical vest? What brand would you recommend?
    I want something to carry a 1911 , a few 7 roundsingle stack mags and <acronym title="AK-47">AK </acronym>30round mags, a few pouches for "schtuff".
  2. ISplatU

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  3. nhfieldrep

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    Thats the same one that I purchased too. I was a bit concerned when I opened the package that it might not fit (I'm overweight, 310 pounds) but with a little work it fit very well. So if there are any "big guys" out there looking for a Tac vest, this one will fit the bill. As for being durable, only time will tell. After all, most of us don't wear them every day. Over all, I'm impressed.
  4. Rourke

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    Looks good and the price is right where I want it.

    Thanks - Rourke
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