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    I purchased a Tacticaltailor Combat harness and I am very impressed. Very well made and not just thrown together. The mag pouch's have small bungee straps that keep the magazines from rattling around when you move. Also snugs up if you pull one out so the other one doesn't fall out if you don't close the top in the heat of things. I have two other pouches on the sides. One can be used as a dump pouch. The other for small items that you may want easily accessible. I got the one that snaps together in the front for ease of putting it on and off. If you don't get it that way, you can get another magazine in the front.

    I would also recommend the shoulder harness that they sell. It is a thicker wider harness for on the shoulders. This makes for a very comfortable carry. I have loaded mine up with eight 30 round magazines and other junk to add weight. A thigh holster for my XD with extra mags. I put on my B.O.B. and my harness and went hiking in the woods. Despite the weight, everything rode very comfortably. I am impressed with the comfort and toughness and would highly recommend products by Tacticaltailor.

    Here is a pic of the kid wearing it. It fits me a bit better. :D

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    Thanks for the review, it appears as though that harness could help you carry a lot of ammo. I like the wide shoulder straps, it really helps to distribute the weight and not bite into your shoulders.
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    I'm not even sure if I would like the harness without the extra padding of the wide shoulder straps. A couple mags of AK ammo can get heavy fast. And that isn't even thinking about the other stuff that will be tossed in when I'm on foot and moving. And if your going to be wearing it for a while, comfort is more important than looks any day.

    I have learned years ago. Don't buy cheap. Buy what works. If you can't afford the good set up. Save up a bit longer till you can. Then you only have to buy it once and you have a set up that works and will last till you don't need it anymore.
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    Hi there,

    I just wanted to add a little history to this Tactical Tailor post. The Tailot himself, Logan was a dear friend of mine with whom I served while in the 2nd Ranger Bat. He started making gear for all of us there and wanted to improve upon our issued items. He first came up with the Ranger Rack system, which I have one of his original and still use from time to time. He startedout serving the soldiers of Ft Lewis, Washington and as soldiers went from base to base his reputation grew. His items are battle tested for sure by many Special Operation groups, and to fill alot of people in, many of the ideas you see on the market today came from Logan.

    He equipment has been reproduced by many companies, but not to the same quality. Logan passed away a little while back, due to a car accident, but his family is still running the company in is memory.

    With alot of equipment you are mainly buying a copy of his work ad design, so if you want to deal with people who know what quality is, you won't go wrong with Tactical Tailor's equipment.

    Just a short note about his company and quality. And from someone who has used his equipment and battle tested it.

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