TAHC Horseback Team rounds up stray cattle on Texas-Mexico border

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    Well darn, even the animals are getting into busting our borders.

    [​IMG] October 2, 2014
    Members of the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Horseback Team recently apprehended approximately 300 head of stray and feral cattle originally from Mexico along the Rio Grande River near Langtry, located in Val Verde County.
    [​IMG]In the spring and summer of 2014, the team performed multiple roundups to catch misplaced Mexican-origin cattle free ranging on the Texas side of the river in an effort to protect the state’s animal health population from disease threats such as tuberculosis and brucellosis that are commonly found in Mexico.
    Ty Billings, TAHC Region 5 inspector and horseback response team member, said, “It was great to partner with our friends at USDA in gathering the cattle. I look forward to working with them more in the future. We share the same goal of protecting the health of Texas’ livestock and serving and protecting our great state’s livestock commerce.”
    The Horseback Emergency Response Team is the only team of its kind in the United States. The Team recently received the Emergency Management Association of Texas’ (EMAT) award for Excellence in Emergency Management.
    The team of approximately 25 responders includes TAHC livestock inspectors and USDA mounted patrol inspectors. The role of the team is to locate, contain, identify and move stray or feral livestock in the aftermath of a disaster, or when they pose an animal health or public safety threat.
    “The Horseback Team is a testament of the TAHC’s dedication, innovation and commitment to serve the citizens of Texas,” said Dr. Dee Ellis, state veterinarian and TAHC executive director. “We are proud to have a horse team available to help protect the State’s cattle industry from possible disease threats.”
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    So do they repatriate or incarcerate the "misplaced" illegals?
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    Glue Factory and Dog Food.
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    They put them all in one holding pen, so they can completely infect each other thoroughly, then they ship them out all over the Country, until they can give them legal status and force Ranchers to feed, and house them at their expense! [OO]
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