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Tails Tails report for March, 2016

Discussion in 'TOR | TAILS' started by survivalmonkey, Apr 13, 2016.

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    The following changes were introduced in 2.2:

    • Add support for viewing DVDs with DRM protection. (#7674)

    • Replace Vidalia, which has been unmaintained for years, with:
      • a system status icon indicating whether Tails is connected to Tor or not,
      • Onion Circuits to display a list of the current Tor circuits and connections.

    • Automatically save the database of KeePassX after every change to prevent data loss when shutting down. (#11147)

    • Disable the Alt + Shift and Left Shift + Right Shift keyboard shortcuts that used to switch to the next keyboard layout. You can still use Meta + Space to change keyboard layout. (#11042)

    • Fix optional PGP key feature of WhisperBack. (#11033)

    • Fix saving of WhisperBack report to a file when offline. (#11133)

    • Make Git verify the integrity of transferred objects. (#11107)

    Documentation and website

    • Many advanced users complained about the lack of a direct download link in our new installation assistant. We are working on adding one back while still protecting people from being lazy and skipping the ISO verification. (#11024)

    • We worked on speeding up the build of the website and almost reached our goal of 30%. (#11151)

    • We created a page that lists all our mailing lists and email addresses, their scope and policy.

    • We improved the instructions for resetting a USB stick and verifying the ISO image in Mac OS X.

    • We explained how to restart GNOME Shell. This is particularly useful when icons and information located on the top right corner of the screen disappear.
    User experience


    • intrigeri and Cyril Brulebois presented their design for our upcoming freezable APT repository. It will allow saving snapshots of all the packages that are used to build a given Tails. It's a necessary step to have reproducible builds and allow distributing better the source code of all the software in Tails.

    • anonym started using Dogtail to identify graphical user interface elements programmatically in our test suite, instead of based on screenshots.

    • bertagaz deployed an Icinga2 monitoring system to monitor our most important services.

    • We decided to drop the requirement for OpenPGP communication with HTTP mirror operators.

    • We clarified what needs to be done to have a proper review and merge process in Weblate.

    • 839 ISO images were automatically built and tested by our continuous integration infrastructure.

    Past Events

    Press and testimonials


    All the website

    • de: 47% (2549) strings translated, 4% strings fuzzy, 42% words translated
    • fa: 52% (2843) strings translated, 6% strings fuzzy, 59% words translated
    • fr: 56% (3064) strings translated, 6% strings fuzzy, 58% words translated
    • pt: 29% (1571) strings translated, 7% strings fuzzy, 28% words translated

    Total original words: 56061

    Core pages of the website

    • de: 88% (1179) strings translated, 6% strings fuzzy, 91% words translated
    • fa: 77% (1037) strings translated, 12% strings fuzzy, 72% words translated
    • fr: 80% (1069) strings translated, 10% strings fuzzy, 77% words translated
    • pt: 68% (917) strings translated, 17% strings fuzzy, 66% words translated

    Total original words: 14006


    • Tails has been started more than 568.280 times this month. This makes 18.331 boots a day on average.
    • 11004 downloads of the OpenPGP signature of Tails ISO from our website.
    • 181 bug reports were received through WhisperBack.

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