Take away the guns? P*ss on that!

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  1. Consider this:

    We flush away some of the most important chemicals our birthday chemistry set (our body) has to offer. Outside in a secluded area... away from the public eye... you canurinate in a bucket and simply let the stuff evaporate and process itself. The results are useful for many things. The phosphates and carbonic compounds are not illegal to have, yet if you take some of the sedimented urine products and dump bleach in it, say during a home invasion or "kick in the door" violation, the intruders will leave, if they're smart, or become violently ill and likely temporarily blinded while you come in wearing a gas mask (helmet recommended) and decide "the right thing" to do in the particular situation.
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    As one who spent a previous Lifetime, in the NitroOrganic Chemistry, and Energetic Materials Science, there are better ways to obtain Nitrates, and Carbolics.....
    ..... YMMV....
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  5. Granted, but not everyone has those better ways available, although you might consider sharing some of what you know for those who don't. I'm sure the best way to manufacture formaldehyde in a low cost environment is passing ethylene or methylene gas through a red hot copper grid, but there are more expensive, better ways to do that to.
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    That particular Knowledge Base, is NOT for Public Consumption, from here..... I suggest you go to your local College Engineering Library, and learn the same way I did 50+ Years ago, when I was in Jr. High School.... It would be an EDUCATION.....
  7. I already have. That sounds to me like an excuse to claim a virtue one doesn't really have. As long as nothing illegal is being taught, there's no reason people can't learn some tricks here. The suggestion I gave is not WMD schooling, but a different form of mace.

    Maybe you'd rather see people helpless when their door is kicked in by someone? Are you aware that since the Bisard case, here in Indiana, began about 5 months ago, when the LEO was driving drunk to a call to another unit, not him, he mowed down some bikers, the Outlaw biker MC's have nearly tripled in size. That's an army of close to 25,000 now. Do you think the LEO's will protect you if 10 are at your door when another 30 are at the doors of the rich? If so, good luck with that...
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    Bikers will NEVER be an issue, where I live, as there aren't any Roads that connect from here to where a biker can ride to... I chose, to whom, I will export MY Knowledge Base to, and to whom I, chose NOT to extend that privilege, as well as just what Knowledge I will disclose. I need NO EXCUSE, to make such choices, as it is MY God given Right. ..... YMMV....
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    Brisard has zero to do with home made chemical nuisances. It has to do with possible corruption in the Indiana law enforcement community as well as a couple legal side issues. Make the connection between a drunk driver and energetic or noxious chemistry, then continue.

    Additionally, this site is not a classroom on how to create chemical devices. Those that wish to learn such things should do their own research. Once you have someone that knows the art and what he's doing, then it's time to recruit for the community. If, as you say, you've done the research at the library, you can do the training and serve as backup if he/she/it proves un-knowledgeable. Just not here. Provide a list of texts, well, that's OK.

    There' a far easier way to generate irritant gas than saving up a bucket of pee. Read the labels on some of your household chemicals, say bleach and ammonia bottles; there's a pretty good clue right there. And, advantageously, you won't have to go to the woods to get your sediment bucket after the door is down.

    We are not going to have another go 'round like the last debacle.
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  10. Sorry if the thought offended you. I think Indiana cleared that up about kick the door in, which is favorable. There are other states where that doesn't apply. I can see that I omitted a section, in the launch post, that would recommend checking with your state laws. We have a "stand your ground" law in effect, so we are really more aligned with the 2nd amendment, but there are other states where that is dire taboo. I'm not discussing much of anything that wouldn't be in Henley's Formulas. Thos other incidents just say it's happening around the country. How else would you save your life from 139 rounds when you are not otherwise armed? It didn't occur to me that I would need to be less overt on a board about prepping. Has it occured to you that someone could try to clean their toilet after leaving it for days by using bleech and this tells them what will happen. Most people have an explosion waiting to happen underneath their kitchen sink. Maybe by my putting this here, someone will know better.
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    If I remember my high school chemistry, bleach and ammonia combined have a nasty habit of killing a few people each year, as they try to make a better cleaner. Before you start passing out formulas and uses, you might just want to explain the risks involved. Personally, Caltrops would work better, not kill their owner, can be stored until needed, and break no laws I am aware of anywhere. They can be made easily with a simple welder, and stiff hard wire.(like chain link fence).
    They would make your ammo go much farther, by slowing down your targets. Even a bat is more effective, if your target, can't walk.
    images (21). images (19). images (18).
  12. That diminnishes considerably to low level phosphates, in the evaporated urine, the ammonia going into the atmosphere and peobably doing minimal damage, still one should check the codes in their state. I'd imagine you'd know it breaks down rapidly to atmospheric nitrogen hydrogen and oxygen mostly. Nonetheless that's interesting what you mentioned.
  13. Christopher Dorner Manhunt -- LAPD Cop Killer Left Messages for Tim Tebow, Charlie Sheen, Larry David | TMZ.com

    What would you do if it was door-to-door as a manhunt to get this guy? Your wife is in the shower. Do you just step aside? Door-to-door gun hunt?

    The spikes aren't a bad idea, but I doubt they'd deter a gun hunt search without someone getting hurt. Yes, 5 day old urine and bleach will create gases that can be harmful if the person stays in it for a long time. The idea is to get the person to leave regardless of their intent.
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  15. nock yoself out... :D
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    WAY off your own original topic of noxious gasses, Charby. This is your own second deviation attempt; a trollish behavior. (Post 13 is the first worth mentioning.) Please try to keep on point.

    Or, you could just read a few other threads that address both subjects you've tried to put in this thread.
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    Heck, both threads this guy created yesterday do not pertain to one single subject.

    What the hell does this have to do with an earthquake in the Solomon Islands?

    Trolls can be fun to [nutkick] when they surface. Well at least for me, it can be.
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    That's why I said in pictograph terms: "you're high"
  20. I would think a good person would get the feeling that this is more of a look up and see what's happening around us and if they take away the guns in these harardous times, there's other ways, type of thread and simply see it as a useful discussion of alternatives in these hazardous times. It seemed a good place to say LEO's gone wild, children going wild, the planet's going wild and they want to strip our right to bear arms? I'm no big gun fan, but I'm a fan of the rights. My whole point of this is if there does get to be a shortage of land, things can get ugly in a hurry and a BOB will likely not do someone as much good as holding their grounds. The bleach and urine is just one example of a "MacGyver" routine that might be remembered for what its combination can do, even if it's no more than to say don't let urine sit in the toilet for a week and dump straight bleach in it. The resulting gases can make you puke and burn your eyes and if you breathe it for long at all it can do real damage.

    As for the islands? You don't see how more disasters add to the problems and stress people to even further violence?
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