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Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by Tango3, Sep 29, 2008.

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    been trying to decide (in my own mind)If this bailout is a good idea or not in order to take an intelligent position.Some say "if it passes it's bad" some say "if doesn't pass it's bad". Some say "we may be approaching "recession"",some claim "financial armageddon".
    Here's my position after two weeks:
    [​IMG] I just put away 40 more rounds,(8 boxes) of 00,and more rechargeable AA's ) What does the rest of the monkey cage think?? [boozingbuddies]
    please don't laugh at the two digit#( "40") been doin' the best I can to add to the locker as we go)
  2. Jonas Parker

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    Keep stocking up... our chance is almost over!
  3. BAT1

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    The Bailout was voted down. The stock market is 537 down right now, was almost 600 at one point. They will try again. Tommorrow. They want to see what the markets will do? 94 democrats voted no. I know what my position is: Keep working on the bug out bags, and I reloaded all weekend. Can't find .308 brass. We can definitely expect change that is for sure. The ballot box hasn't worked, the jury box don't work, and we have only one box left.
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    Forty rounds is better than none, those forty rounds can inflict a lot of damage.
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    By now those of us who are old enough to remember WW-2, know that the answers for all of our national problems starts with "we the people" who pay our bills,train our children, save our silver, stock up on what will not be on the shelves when "stuff" happens and think through scenarios we will face. "Stuff" can be anything from economic problems, fuel and food shortages, components O/S, civil unrest, natural disasters, war in Iran--etc, etc. Liberal government just proved they are in in for "them" and not for us with this crisis mongering and political attempts to concentrate socialist power at the top. If Washington were to just vanish, we the people would make it but the dependent class will have problems they would "share" with us.[cow]

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    I have plenty of 7.62 projectiles to share with the something for nothing class
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    Food for thought

    Here is some info to help you make up your mind T. For what it's worth even Ron Pauls detractors admit that he is an expert when it comes to economics. And several MIT and other economists have come out against this monstrosity. I seldom get involved with calling and writing my representatives. They don't care. But I have been doing that everyday trying to make my voice heard. It seemed to work in the Congress, but seems the Senate knows better than we the people. Any one of who votes for this bill I will vote against. Past time for "operation pink slip".
    But people say that every election. "Throw the bums out!". But they keep on voting for the same old prostiticians that have gotten us here.
    It doesn't matter who you vote for the government always gets elected.
    Maybe, maybe, something like this will wake people up. I doubt it tho.

    WASHINGTON, Oct. 1 (UPI) -- Former Republican U.S. presidential candidate Ron Paul says he opposes the proposed $700 billion financial industry bailout bill as "bad for the taxpayers."
    Paul, a U.S. representative from Texas and member of the House Financial Services Committee, told CNN Wednesday that buying illiquid mortgage-backed derivative securities from Wall Street investment houses would only continue a series of poor financial decisions.
    "I think it's a bad bill. I think it's bad for the taxpayers," Paul told the broadcaster. "I think it's doing more of the same thing. The same policy that we're following now with this bill is exactly how we got into that trouble."
    Paul said government should step aside and let the market continue to price houses downward, wringing out unrealistically high prices, rather than encouraging them to remain artificially high through intervention in the financial markets.
    "If there are too many houses and the prices are too high, the sooner we get the prices down to the market level, as soon as we quit trying to encourage more housing -- this is what we're doing," he said. "They're trying to stimulate houses and keep prices high. It's exactly opposite of what we should do."

    The senate passed a bailout bill Wednesday as you know. Many Senators need to be replaced as soon as possible - sadly. They knew it was awful, but 'had' to do something. Well that excuse just doesn't wash any more. No votes for the bailout will redouble our efforts here:

    We need to call again because now the Senate bill will go back to the House to try again there. Share this link with a friend - reach off the page of your politically active friends and tell them the links for faxes and phones are here and we need the phones to ring off the hooks in DC

    The free market needs to be allowed to work and the money printing presses need to stop rolling at will inflating our currency and we need to END the FED. If you want additional information on language to do that and a way that we might get END the FED language in the bill being considered and committee phone numbers, they are posted here:

    These folks, our 'representatives', need to know that if they pass this bill, their political careers are over. Because if they pass this bill, our financial future is surely over and the path to slavery will have been opted and the constitution shredded. The international bankers will have talked us into handing them the keys to the kingdom without a shot being fired.

    This one is for all the marbles.

    For Life and Liberty,

    Additional information posted here:


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    My opinion is that the bailout is bad. Do I think something has to be done? Yes! Just not a bailout, I think we're doomed if we do it and doomed if we don't, it will just buy some time until after the election. Bush just don't want to go out as the president on watch when it all crumbles. Whoever takes the watch is doomed to go down because of it. Just my opinion! Ron Paul got it right.

    Stock up on:
    1. food & water if you can.
    2. keep your gas tanks full. + any gas cans or diesel if you use it.
    3. buy firearm related items, parts, ammo, reloading components.
    4. move money out of cash, stocks and bonds. buy au & ag while the price is being slaughtered.

    Feel free to add to this as I know there is always something I forget about until an emergency comes up.
  9. Tango3

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    Thanks monkeys I really appreciate your inputs....helps alot :)

    Anybody else ??
  10. eeyore

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    Stock, beans, bullets, band aids, bacon, bananas and barley
  11. NWPilgrim

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    The long slow slide into socialism started with the Fed Reserve in 1913, and on 10-3-08 we just went over the cliff. I can't comprehend what the bailout and previous and sure-to-come additional bailouts and lending will do to inflation and taxes. I am in my 50s and lived through the recession of the late 1970s and the 12% inflation of the late 70s and early 80s. This is going to be FAR WORSE.

    My suggestions to deal with inflation, socialism, and the resultant civil unrest:

    Convert dollars to goods
    Purchase any big ticket durable goods you really need (or will retain intrinsic value) as soon as possible after each paycheck. the dollar will evaporate, so convert them to usable or tradeable goods as soon as possible. For me, there were a couple more rifles and handguns I was going to buy in a couple of years. Instead, now I will purchase them before the end of the year along with another 1,000 components for each of my primary rifles and handgun calibers.

    Slash household expense and SAVE $
    Every month and year our dollars will have less value, our incomes will not keep up with inflation yet bills such as utilities, food, gas, will increase in cost immediately each month. We need to get use to putting a greater percentage of our relatively fixed incomes toward basic expenses and cut back as much as possible on non-essential expenses. This can include walking or bicycling to work a couple of days per week, reduce restaurant and convenience meals, eliminate or restrict long travel plans by car or plane, eating more basic simple foods, do as much repair work as you can yourself or with friends and not outsource lawn mowing, cleaning, car washes, etc.

    Review and update normal preps
    Make sure your normal survival consumables are fully stocked and up to date. Back in the 1970s recession we had outages of all types of items. Gas stations sold only to even number license plates one day and odds on the next. Sometimes they were completely out for days dueto the price controls. Some midwest towns reliant on natural gas ran out for days or weeks at a time and had to ration what could be TRUCKED?! in. You should be ready to get along on your own for basic supplies with periodic interruptions of supplies every week; and have cash to jump on resupply opportunities.

    Review and make ready your defensive measures
    There could be riots in many towns and cities over prices, supplies, politics, and just general anger and revolt. More people will be driven to new levels of desperation as their once bountiful incomes can no longer pay for basic necessities. If you do not have your basic firearm battery and ammo supply then try to complete it ASAP. Ammo is likely to keep climbing in price, firearms may not rise right away, but they may either spike in prices or the supply my dry up. If you ever had an interest in handloading your own ammo then now is the time to get started. I have been handloading pistol and rifle for 20 years and not only is it consistently half the cost of commercial ammo, you can make any configuration you want and it is really fun. Handloading is like having your own little factory and physics lab. You can get a very basic set up for probably less then $100 if you just want to load one cartridge style, or you can spend $5,000 for a virtual mini-factory that can pump out hundreds of rounds per hour. I could write a tome about handloading but check out the handloading forum and there is a ton of good info there and how to get started, then ask questions. Also, do you have door, outside lighting and other security measures in place? now is the time to take care of those little jobs.

    More ideas?
  12. ColtCarbine

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    Re: Food for thought

    If these elected officials don't feel any repercussions from their thievery of the taxpayers, the sky is the limit on what else they can take from you.
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