Taking care of elderly parents

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    How many of you do it? Tips?

    After my dad died about 18 years ago, wifee suggested we mom's house and move it for a while. The thinking is that often, a surviving spouse dies not too long after the first one, and more company and grandkids around will keep her going. It worked.

    After a while, wife and kids were ready to get out of there. So when my sister retired, we were out. Sister has been doing a great job with care. We were there for 14 years! And before that, was constantly going over to help with my dad.

    I have to tell you, it can be stressful for the family and financially. I was to one to call for whatever because since I am self-employed, they figure I can come any time. What my siblings don’t realize is no work, no eat. And as you know, I love to eat.

    Anyway, mom is 100 now and I fly over to spend a couple of days a week. Gives my sister a break. And I usually cook enough to have lots of leftovers. This week, I worked, so only made a small meal. But I bought a bunch of food to last most of the week.

    Made fried poke (3 kinds) scramble for breakfast. Served it with Thai sweet chili sauce.

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    One of the most important things for longevity is to eat things that don't have labels on them. That is to say processed foods will kill you. There is an old story of a guy in England, the longest living Englishman in recorded history. On his 124th birthday the king invited him to a party to celebrate and had all kinds of decadent food all over. The old man ate the cakes and cream sauces and processed foods and was dead by morning. Before that he lived on a farm and only ate farm fresh food.

    Families should be together. They should all rotate around a central nucleus and when they get old and need care it is much easier. When you stick mom and pop in the old folks home they start to pray for death because it is just like a casket. We took care of my grandparents until the very end.
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    Doing everything possible you can to take care of your parents in their final years is probably the best gift you can give to your parents ,,, and the most satisfying thing you can do for yourself .
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    Brought my dad home with me when the doctor put him on hospice. My wife was gracious to quit her job to do the day to day care. My brothers agreed to pay enough to cover my wife's lost income. My dad lived a couple of weeks after that.
    Looks like we may be making a move soon, to take care of my wife's dad. It isn't easy, but you know you are doing the right thing.
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    Parents both gone years ago. If my dad were alive today he'd be 103.
    Now I'm the elderly one LOL
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