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    Have you ever wondered why some secret, world-wide conspiracy hasn't taken over the world? Well... what if there isn't one conspiracy but dozens of them? The Illuminati, the Bildeburgers, the Masons, the Gnomes of Zurich, the Space Aliens, the Reptilians... all plotting in secret for hundreds of years, accumulating wealth and influence, infiltrating and subverting institutions and governments, passing on their plans through generations of members... and then when their plans are almost ready and their organization is big enough... they run into one of the other conspiracies. And get into a murderous but secret battle... and smash each other... and start over...
  2. Tracy

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    Maybe they already have... and you're the last to know (after all; it is a secret).o_O
  3. Tango3

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    Rockefellers/j.p.morgan and the rest just asked for $700 BILLION dollars out of the public coffers and "we" handed it to them on their words alone...( miniguns, a ski mask and a flame thrower or two could not have accomplished that.)
    There may not have been a coronation with a crown and sceptre; But I figure that's close enough.
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