taking proprietary software to open source

Discussion in 'Technical' started by CATO, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. CATO

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    Does anyone know of a guide for this? Specifically, setting up an IT governance committee for said open source software??

    much appreciated
  2. kckndrgn

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    Can't really help with the setup, but have you checked out sourceforge.net?

    I've participated in a few projects there (used lots of items from there, actively talked to developers on just a couple of occasions).
  3. CATO

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    I'm wanting to know more of the planning aspect of it. What does the group who says "We're going to add these features--out of all the suggested features received--for the 2014 development cycle" look like?

    I would like to use the Atlassian set of tools for management/community/code versioning/ticketing. My "company" already has something up on SourceForge and it's pretty much a one-way-street. They decide what they're going to do and put their code up there.

    To me, that's not OS because they don't have any community development going on (and would never allow it).
  4. UGRev

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    Yeah.. that's quasi open source, but more like shared source. It's still open but the trunk is "locked".
  5. DMGoddess

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    Try opensource.org They seem to be a definitive source for information, or at least a starting point.
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