Taking the A in Ak-47 too far

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mindgrinder, Jan 25, 2013.

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    Obviously the IDIOT Reporter know absolutely NOTHING about Rifles and FireArms... Even cursory Goggle Search could confirm that rifle chambered in 7.62x54R could NEVER BE an AK47 or even an AK47 Style Rifle... And his Editor allows this Yahoo to write News Copy....
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    (emphasis mine)

    Yeah, he's an idiot. Still, look at the charges.
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    As I doubt they would know what a Dragunov or a PSL is, I'd be prone to agree.

    They are idiots; so stupid that if 0bama said "go shyte" they would squat.
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    Bought two rifles that day.
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    Straight outta the Denis Leary school of parenting:
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    What an idiot--he needs an education from the butt end of a stock across that low brow thick skull.
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    That is the second part, the first is a vertical butt stroke. ;)

    To those who missed the joys of being trained, a vertical butt stroke is when the butt stock meets the chin with a whole bunch of force.

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    I note with little satisfaction that applying a vertical butt stroke with the current crop of MBRs should require moving your trigger hand off the "pistol" grip or your elbow is apt to hit the chin or something else instead. As demonstrated in the vid, they pay more attention to foot work than to hand work. Shift the hand to the stock and foot work becomes less important, as well as needing less attention to the ground under the boot. That technique needs work at the command level to correct.

    That illustrates part of the problem with "pistol" grips that has plagued my mind for years. For some reasons, as with the Stoner and Kalashnikov mechanisms, they are desirable for fire control, tho' limiting for other purposes. The Garand action does not suffer from that problem. Vertical butt strokes with the M14 do not put the elbow at nearly as much risk, and provides much better leverage from the trigger arm as well as taking some torque off the wrist. Think about it, pushing up with the forearm is way easier than pulling up by the grip. Also less likely to slip out of the hand on the way up or after contact. Personal preference, don't take it to mean anything more.
  10. Tikka

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    He doesn't seem to be having a problem. If and when such activities become necessary, either the butt stock or the elbow will do just fine as compared to the alternatives.

    True, as the thumb is opposing the fingers capturing the butt stock, the hand part is kind of intuitive; it is the footwork requires more attention.
    The foot work moved him forward so he could smash down with the butt stock popping the melon or bayonet the adversary. The way he ends up pretends the enemy is down with a shattered jaw and he is coming forwards to engage the next enemy. This may sound stupid, but usually one can tell by how the other guy hits the ground if he needs more.

    The military has had hundreds of years to see what works which is why they teach it.
  11. ghrit

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    True, but the stock did not meet anything that would jar the hand loose.
    The hundred years did not anticipate the pistol grip and relative weakness of grip under a pull rather than a push. (There's a reason baseball bats have a stopper on the handle, and that doesn't always work.) Sometimes the old ways work better, sometimes not. I'll concede the footwork. I still don't want my elbow exposed to an unintended obstacle.
  12. Tikka

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    Back in the day, they had recruits vertical butt stroke a dummy to learn how. Judging by the uniform, boots etc, they still teach it. By the weight of the dummy, it had sand inside. Just about anyone can do it without losing the weapon unless they are moving as slowly as the solder in the film. Obviously, as a demo jock, he is supposed to move slow and as he isn't hitting someone being slow helps here also. Same as letting go of a baseball bat, when one does it wrong it has little chance of it working right.

    The real problem is no one wants to take a X dollar weapon a scarf it up learning to do what soldiers do. Plus setting up a real bayonet course would be prohibitive. Anyhow, with soldiers after enough repetitions, it becomes muscle memory. At combat speeds it better be muscle memory as thinking about matters means too slow.

    One on one bayonet drills use real safety equipment and sticks

    bayonet training - Google Search

    About all I can tell you is that it works; however, as you are certain it doesn't work then write the Army or Marines and advise them.
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    Judging from the price and caliber I would guess Mosin-Nagant...
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    Yep, that is what I figured when reading the op....
  15. Pax Mentis

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    I had to think a minute, because Izhmash/Saiga has chambered the AK platform in just about every caliber in recent years :)

    Back to the OP...it is unfortunate that this guy has a daughter...his genes are really not needed in the pool.
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    Absolutely Pax, I agree, and for this guy to treat his Family so, is very troubling in my book, for sure... I am glad I do not know him, as I would be on his case, for sure. His actions deserve condemnation... The Copywriter was where I really took issue... That is just plain LAZY JOURNALISM, and I sent an eMail to the News Director of the Station and told them so....
  17. Pax Mentis

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    By the way, with regard to the thread title..

    The "A" in "AK" is actually for Avtomat, which basically means Automatic I believe, not Assault...Avtomat Kalashnikova, Model 47

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    so we should change the name to SK 47 for us civies?[gone]
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