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    Appropriate to this exercise on teacher authority in classrooms. Several years ago the story went around about this Gunnery Sgt that got out of the Marines and used his GI bill funding to get a degree in education. Thereafter, he landed a position in an inner city school, where his first assignment was teaching English to a class noted for bad behavior. Just like you might imagine, the room was in an uproar when he walked in. Saying not a word, he hung his jacket on the back of the chair, then slowly took off his tie and opened his shirt. All the while with his back to the class. The uproar was slowly subsiding as the kids, nasty backwards hats, skivvies showing, the whole bit began to figure out that something was about to happen. He finished taking off his shirt and started flexing. Finished a bit of that, turned around to an absolutely silent room, and introduced himself, quietly. Then, he informed the class that he expected them to behave like humans, not ghetto brats, and actually learn something in his class. And again, quietly let them know where they were supposed to sit. So 'tis said, he was quite successful.

    So, if we can't arm them, there seems another way ==
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