Taliban Marksmanship in the NYTimes

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    Taliban Marksmanship in the NYTimes
    <HR style="COLOR: #eaefe3; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #eaefe3" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->An interesting article in the Times's Blog, "At War," about marksmanship issues among Taliban fighters and the effect it has on their tactics and our troops:


    When discussing issues of marksmanship that would be considered basic by many here, the author gives a nod to his gun-savvy readers and acknowledges that he is educating a largely gun-illiterate crowd in the Times's readership. That's nice to see.

    Hope some of you find it as interesting as I did; I'll need to look further into this guy's Times blog.
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    Very interesting. And his point about how the ANP and police suffer from the same deficiencies. This has also come up a couple times in
    Doonesbury-The Sandbox-Military Blog, Milblogs for Military Families.
    If/when we pull out of the stans, the taliban will remain and become resurgent simply by virtue of patience and religious extremism. I am a pessimist, obviously, about wars conducted by pickup idealistic troops. Oh, wait!! That might be us --
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    Great article.
    One thing evident is how much damage a set of armed determined individuals can do even when handicapped by bad skills.
    Makes you understand why tyrants fear the armed citizen.
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    Tried to the find the un screwed with version but this gets the point across.

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