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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CaboWabo5150, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. CaboWabo5150

    CaboWabo5150 Hell's coming with me

    What are radio/internet talk shows that YOU like ????

    I just started listening to "The Dave Champion Show" a couple of weeks ago.. As with any media, I take the info with a grain of salt.. But I haven't found any major discrepancies yet.. Entertainment value is very high though...
  2. BTPost

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    I would much rather "talk" to regular Monkey Folks, than listen to some Yahoo blab on, about what he thinks about things, while he is getting PAID to do it. I find listening to Regular Folks, a whole lot more enlightening, and certainly more entertaining..... .... YMMV....
  3. CaboWabo5150

    CaboWabo5150 Hell's coming with me

    Forgot to mention it's an Internet only show... The networks won't touch it.. Doesn't fit into their agenda...
  4. CATO

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  5. Seawolf1090

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    Using headphones to drown out the incessant chatter and other workplace noise, I was listening to the regular litany of Rush, Hanity and Beck on local radio. I did not always agree with them, and they all were rather redundant, all jumping on the SAME subjects each day - like they all were given the same script. And they, to a man, had NO regard for State Employees, mouthing the usual uneducated tirades against us as a whole.
    But now, my team has been moved from the 11th floor to the lower basement, and radio reception is nil. I am listening to my old CD collection again. It does make for lower blood pressure though....... [coo]
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  6. Tikka

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    I listen to Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh; as they are popular they seem to get better information.
  7. VisuTrac

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    National Public Radio. Anytime I'm in the car.
    At work i listen to our receptionist whine and complain. She could drown out any volume of music in the cube farm.
  8. radpug

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    They all get old fast. They say the same things over and over again.
    It would be nice if they made a difference but they just make money for themselves.
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  9. CaboWabo5150

    CaboWabo5150 Hell's coming with me

    Yeah... I got tired of Limbaugh an Hannity pretty fast .. Glenn Beck is ok. But those guys talk strictly politics.. And that's fine if that's what you want to listen to.. But this guy talks more about weapons and gear, some politics, and taxes.. Here is this past Monday's show:

    Dave answers listener emails about:
    The authority/jurisdiction of agencies such as the FDA
    What kind of items should a soldier [Militia] have as his combat “kit”.
    The limits of what a notary can and cannot do under the law.
    What will Spec Ops warriors do who believe the downed chopper contained the Pakistan raid SEALs.
    How to pick the right combat rifle when factoring in issues such as range, optics, caliber, repairs, etc.

    Dave Champion Show
  10. Opinionated

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    NPR here too.

    I don't like a lot of what they say. But I find their viewpoint . . . enlightening. What is it Sun Tzu said . . .
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  11. CaboWabo5150

    CaboWabo5150 Hell's coming with me

    I tried listening to some of the leftist radio shows.. And I'll probably try to again.. Now, I'm a pretty well adjusted guy, and I try not to let anybody get under my skin, but a couple of weeks ago I tried to listen to some female radio host, I think her name was Stephanie Miller... After about 10 minutes I had an overwhelming urge to stick my .357 in my mouth.. Luckily I was able to shut the radio off in time.. The only way I could describe it, would be to say it was like if Paris Hilton had her own show.. Just horrible... eek3
  12. CATO

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    Somebodys Got a Case of The Mondays - YouTube
  13. VisuTrac

    VisuTrac Ваша мать носит военные ботинки Site Supporter+++

    And Tuesdays,Wednesdays, Thursdays and half of Friday. Actually that gal from office space would be an improvement.

    Now don't make me break out my red stapler!
  14. snowbyrd

    snowbyrd Latet anguis in herba

    KHOW 630 AM Peter Boyles, a local guy, takes on all sorts of 'stuff'. Out of Denver. Tom Martino the 'trouble maker' a trouble shooter dude. George Noorie of course. Tried a 'lefty' err, progressive show. Arrrrggg, yell at the radio and called in once or thrice. Idiots, they ganged up on me, three to one and talk over 'ya. I do have an inside track W/Peter tho', get right on, very little wait, must like me and what I say. I guess, either that or he thinks I am entertaining...Stump the professer on sunday, educational science type stuff.
  15. dragonfly

    dragonfly Monkey+++

    I had to give my new radio away...I'd break it!
    I already yell obscenities at the tv, ( scares hell out of the illegals next door!) but it's all in fun!
    Now,... where did I put my blood pressure meds?
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  16. Seawolf1090

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    Hehehe..... I couldn't watch the old Phil Donahue show due to my yelling at the insipid drivel he spewed. Same with the Judge shows - that Judy witch especially - she's like pelosi's non-politician twin. A man-hater for sure.

    Glen Beck would be okay if he'd ditch the mindless 'Bobsey Twins' that egg him on to the stupid stuff he does on the radio. It's like he's trying to be a stand-up comic and failing miserably. When he sticks tot he issues, he's bearable.
    Rush starts off well, but gets excited and goes off into la-la land.
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