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    That dude is such a dweeb... and the Imam is a classic PowerTripping Religious NUT....
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    hmmm... thinkin stuff like this could lead to stuff like below...?

    interesting article on Iran... was not aware of the situation over there... this paints a pretty grim picture of what is happening...

    Before we wax too eloquent about the democratic aspirations of the great Iranian people, we should keep in the mind that the most probable scenario for Iran under any likely regime is a sickening spiral into poverty and depopulation. Iran has the fastest-aging population of any country in the world, indeed, the fast-aging population of any country in history. It has the highest rate of venereal disease infection and the highest rate of infertility of any country in the world. It has a youth unemployment rate of 35% (adjusted for warehousing young people in state-run diploma mills). And worst of all, it has run out of water.

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    Through out history, These "people" have been obsessed with controlling Women, At every turn, they go off about women's bodies! Women need to cover up so they do not create lust, they need to have their clitoris removed so that they cannot experience pleasure, they cannot do this, they cannot do that, it keeps on going and going and going! WHAT the hell do they fear in women!!!! That women may take over the world?!?!?! No wonder they are going the way of the Dodo bird, and I for one say let um!
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    @Ura-Ki "That women may take over the world?!?!?!"
    Well, I have had my suspicions about the great female conspiracy for world domination for many years now...been collecting intel the past 12 years, at extreme personal risk I might add. We're close to publishing my report but even Assange says it's too hot, too controversial and way too dangerous. Let me say their operatives are everywhere, well funded and well organized and their tactics are simple but foolproof. First, they start by taking over the home where they reside then spread their tentacles outwards by indoctrinating their daughters and bringing them fully into the sisterhood so she is well trained and ready for deployment. The mother acts as her handler until full field experience is obtained. I'm telling you it's effective and deadly.
    Shhhh!...Here comes one now. I think she might be on to me...........
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    @Bandit99 TO LATE! I have been taken prisoner! I was captured while on a deep penetration observe and report mission well behind enemy lines, I H.A.L.O.d in and she was lying in wait with her ambush! The torture has been most unbearable, she has done unspeakable things to me, Made me build her a house, made me clear land and plant crops, and continues to make me hunt for meat, I was even forced against my will to build her an entire room for her shoe collection! I'm beyond escape, I swear she has brain washed me, and even worse, her mother has told her she has done a magnificent job of breaking me!!! I am unable to escape her clutches, she has anticipated my every move and countered with an evil I have never known! I am beyond rescue, I fear I will forever be in her clutches, Save Your Self, Run like the wind, Leave me to this horrible fate!

    I have long known that the women will one day seize power from us, its only a matter if time! They are way to smart for us, and if we give one inch, they will take a mile! God Help Us!
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    I escaped with my skin. You can too, but you MUST want to. I await capture by another one ---
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    Somebody needs to jam a tampon up his nose..... waaaaaay upppp....
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    Been captured, and stay because I have Stockhome Sydrome now....
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    @Ura-Ki WHAT? Standby, mobilizing now, in-route in 5!
    "What's that dear? I can't...go?" Errrr...wife's just informed me that I'm a POW (Prisoner Of Women) also. Damn! Stick to the code, brother!

    @BTPost "because I have Stockhome Syndrome now...."
    LMAO!!!! LOL!!!!!! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: That contagion is horribly contagious and I fear I have contracted a deadly dose also. LOL!!!
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    Interesting link (to an atheist's twitter feed) ਤਾਰੇਕ ਫਤਹ on Twitter . You consorting with infidel god haters OD49????

    The unidentified Islamic 'scholar' is not unique, and he certainly has his Orthodox Jew, and fundamentalist evangelical Christian analogues. Sure, She'elot U-Teshubot, church canon law, and declarations of faith are perhaps not as austere as some Islamic fatwas, but their reliance on guilt (the internal policing of one's religious conscience), and shame (the communal policing of moral behaviour by one's religious tribal affiliates) is no less pernicious. The kind of sl*t shaming that women and girls frequently have to endure at the hands of their (Judeo / Christian) religious brethren, may not (usually) be as fatal as perhaps is all too often the case for their Muslim sisters, it is none the less, harmful to human flourishing, and unacceptable.

    Arizona's Slut-Shaming Preacher Was Arrested for Kicking a Girl in the Chest

    Controversial 'Brother Dean' arrested on assault charge, banned from UA campus

    What weight the Islamic scholar's 'fatwa' will have is anyone's guess, not knowing what actual authority the dude has. That doesn't mean that ignoring the essential elements of the sharia law / cultural customs upon which the fatwa is based, even if it is utter nonsense (to us), would be wise for women and girls whose religion's moral code puts a premium on virginity (and the proofs that her virginity was intact when it was deflowered by her lawful married husband). Failure can sometimes have lethal consequences.

    Yes, the dude in the OP video is a gormless idiot, and although his beliefs and opinions on what constitutes moral / immoral conduct invite criticism (as do similar Judeo-Christian moral beliefs and opinions), he is low hanging fruit for mockery. However, it has to be said that not all fatwas are invariably bad......

    Here is a fatwa, that as an atheist, I would have absolutely no problem in getting behind....

    Female Muslim clerics issued fatwa against child marriage.

    Female Muslim Clerics Issued Fatwa Against Child Marriage

    Female Islamic clerics issue rare fatwa

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