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  1. snowbyrd

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    o_O The use of 'tangle foot' be it concertina, barbed wire or blackberry vines is something to consider. It should be in places that are unexpected, if you see it you can breach it. Over. under, around or through. (thank you TRADER) It is best used as a supprise, in a hallway, on the inside of a fence, low down. One reason for this is that if it is seen then the 'others' will figgure 'ya got somtin' goooood to protect. OK a compound with lots of firepower, high walls and wire.... Think prison. Unless you are in Idaho not likely he he. A roll of barbed wire will work, just let it unroll like a slinky, old works and is often free. Think about all the times you have tripped on something use it, might work. Fishing line, garden hose, extention cords,,?? Maybe place inbetween the garage and house, alley ways ect.. Got ideas? snowbyrd
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    The old tin cans tied to trip strings works as a pretty good alarm in the dark I would think.... never tried it, but I do trip over a lot of stuff. :)
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    Fishing line will work just fine. At night it's hard to see and you can get it strong enough to trip and not break easily. There are many things you can set up that will work. It just depends on the outcome you want.
  4. Tango3

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    Things really got to pot build expediant muzzle loadinging shotguns( lengths of pipe with one endcapped or hammered flat stuffed with blackpowder, nails,glass,rocks,cusswords,ball bearings/shot/ whatever will fit, a primer or cap set off by a mousetrap bail. pointing them into the trip zone...(ambush area) or stake pits with the holes lined with spikes pointing upward

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    careful with the field expediant stuff. If not 100% sure of what ur doing don't try it. I taught my kids about pipe bombs and such, yea yea, no no, and it will keep them alive, hey boys are boys. (mydaughtertoo). When I was in 2nd grade the guys across the street blew themselves up bulding match head bombs. Do not mess with these things unless you are schooled by 'pro' or a 10 fingered person. This is part of my 400 level classes. Not for 101 people. snowbyrd [angel] (if you FU)
  6. Tango3

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    Having heard this stuff once sometime years from now somewhere a beleugered monkey underseige will think back here look in the garage and go "hey! you know we could do this..." I think we are mostly responsible adults here?
    I'm generally non-cofrontational, and will walk away from a stupid fight.....
  7. TailorMadeHell

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    Never thought I would actually see one in my life, though I have. It was a 'blunderbuss rifle'. An instructor I had received it from his father that was in Vietnam. Evidentally his father had to go and tear up a village with some other guys and when they did, he found this rifle under the floor. He brought it back to the states and had it cleaned up.

    The instructor brought it to show us one day and it was great looking. A barrell with a wide muzzle that you could load all kinds of stuff into and with a flint spark on some powder, you have a grapeshot bang that will worry the most armored of people.

    I think the make-do things will work if you carefully select the material to use. If the metal of the tubing is weak, then yes you will have bad things happen. Though look at the metal T-post drivers. Thick metal with two handles and a wide 'muzzle'. That steel can handle a lot of abuse. My example may be a little heavy, though it could work on the fly. And we all know that in a SHTF situation, everything is on the fly.

    Though I have to toss out my safety warning, 'Wear goggles, hearing protection and hope.' Haha.
  8. snowbyrd

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    As I have stated, uh, somewhere. I Teach and Preach survivalism. One thing is most nessasary, self preservation. Use ya' head, be safe and grease the threads![touchdown] Dry ice and a 2 liter pop bottle makes a nice pop. [applaud] Run like hell tho' hee hee snowbyrd
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    'Nother way to do tanglefoot without the WW1 trench war effect is to plant a LOT of raspberry bushes in certian areas. I had problems with trespasser's coming around the back side of one of my shed's. I planted some raspberrys and 'viola...no more problems with that route onto my property.
    Another good thing about 'em is the great jam and jelly's I make of off the berry's.
    I prefer to have a home that looks more like a home and not a bunker from "Better homes and Survivalist retreats!"
  10. Seacowboys

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    I use blackberries and roses. The roses , especially under windows, does a remarkable job of discouraging unwanted traffic. There is also a large hornet's nest hanging in a back corner that I'm sure I'll eventually find some use for..hehheh:sneaky:
  11. Tango3

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    "thorny" bushes I like that .. read a story once of a family dealing with kids jumping a fence tearing right through the garden. After much pleading warning and hastilly concocted anti-personnel measures, they bought a trailer load of hot steamy horsemanure and piled it waist high by the fence...won'tstop troops, but it worked on civilian punks...I don't plan on booby trapping my yard it s just good stuff to tuck away...[gasmask][dancindevil][dancindevil]
  12. ghrit

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    A row of bull locust trees close together works pretty well along a fence line too.
  13. duanet

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    Love history and enjoy reading when the "world changed" even if we didn't know it at the time. The first "modern" war was the american civil war. Trains, telegraph, observation ballons and rifled guns. That said, the Mexican revolution in the 1910 or so period had all of the lessons ignored in the early parts of WW1. They used barbed wire fastened to posts about 6 inches high and concealed in the grass. They backed it up with machine guns and repeating rifles. The enemy, don't know if anyone could keep that straight in the Mexican revolution, charged with overwelming calverly forces in the old classical way. Well the horses didn't do to well when they hit the hidden wire. They all fell down rather fast way and left a struggling mass of horses and former riders and they very soon became dead former riders. Fast forward to the first world war and they had to learn all over again, I don't think that the best equiped soldier can run too well through piano wire or cord that is 6" to 8 " off the ground, and if he is watching his feet, he will have a hard time watching you.
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  15. snowbyrd

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    Hmmm ain't that where forks came from?
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    Where can I get a subscription to this 'Better Homes and Survivalist Retreats'? [LMAO]
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    I'll sell ya

    one, only 15 cases of MREs a month. Cheaper than YAYA Oye' gotta lotta just for you har har snowbyrd
  18. Tango3

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    [applaud][fnny] Now its a challenge:
    "motherbunker news"?
    "trebuechea and bolder"?
    "survivalist of mis-fortune"
    "freezedried illustrated"?"
    "Flail and Pike"?[dunno]
  19. snowbyrd

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    Meen Only Times, Yous Lost Out Mag. Nada More' Amigo, Hasta La Vista Baby ( had ta' do that)
  20. TailorMadeHell

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    'Survival Weekly Magazine' - 'Prepper's Digest'

    'S, Survival Magazine - 'National Survivor'

    'Travel & Shelter' - 'AfterSHTF Business'

    And for those into more risque type mags, we have Bunkerhouse and the ever popular PlayPrepper. [LMAO]
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