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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by jblaise, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. jblaise

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    Some time ago I came across a thread referring to a propane tankless hot water heater that did not require 110v. Probably worked off a small battery. Any idea who makes one?
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    There are a few that require NO electricity AT ALL.... Not even Batteries....The Pilot is lite by manual Piezoelectric Spark, and the Pilot lights the burner, when it detects Water Flow... A few neighbors use these, up here in Alaska.... .....
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    I have had great luck with our tankless propane water heater for the past 14 years. It uses 2 "D" cell batteries which I change out once a year. Bosch makes a good one but their are a good selection available from different manufacturers. The Japanese are especially proud of theirs with attendant high prices. I am adding a filter now inline with the water heater as fine granules from the well confuse the water flow sensor which then produces a small flame. BTW if you do not install it yourself, insist that ball valves be used. Gate valves are a cursing. Boat manufacturers for decades have used ball valves below the waterline due to their inherent reliability.
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    Taking the electric from our newly wed's home and replacing it with an on demand gas. He is going to need to save all he can.
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    Thanks for your responses folks. I really appreciate the quick replies. Will take a look at these products and post back with any questions.
  8. jblaise

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    Thanks again for all the help. After researching the products out there I finally decided that a small (30 gallon tank) heater will better suit our needs. There were several reasons for that choice. The greatest contributing factor was that the home is used spring, summer and fall. I fear the possibility of freezing in the spring and fall. I also feel that with generous insulation the heat loss during those seasons will be minimal. Meanwhile I'm looking for a cost effective way to store well water but will start a separate thread on that topic. Thanks again.
  9. Cruisin Sloth

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    Post more info please BT. Like to know the name / brand etc. Ever seen the white gas model / type ?
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