Tapco 20rd SKS mags?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by rimfirehunter, Oct 8, 2012.

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    has anyone tried the new polymer Tapco 20rd SKS mags? just curious how they are working and if so which SKS are you using them with.
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    I'm curious too. My only concern is the reliability in a stressful situation. The stripper clips seem to be dependable and easy (to a point), but a reliable set of magazines would feed the firearm faster.
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    Here is a mod from me I made awhile back. And yes the Tapco SKS mags work great, however you have to use an after market stock or modify the stock one.

    Now that I have finished my SKS bolt mod, I need to widen out the body of the wooden SKS stock a little to make insertion of the new mag easy.
    If you do not do this modification and your magazine is a very tight fit,chances are your gun will jam,however with this mod and the Tapco 20rd magazines you are just as reliable as an unaltered SKS configuration.
    If the Tapco T6 stock is used instead of the original stock, that is the best combination of modern convience and reliability for the SKS. The SKS Tapco 20rd mag pictured below is what Magpuls are to the AR-15 world on reliability.
    I took these pictures in High Def, and uploaded them that way I hope they are clear and come thru that way.
    ETA: Be sure to follow the rules on 922r compliance on 10 or less imported parts.
    Here is the Tapco magazine that will not fit in the wood stock, If I force it in the magazine will cause the gun to jam because it now pinches the follower and binds up.


    Here's how it looks before we sand out the mag well. Notice the heavy tool marks when it was made by the Chinese, Looks were not as important to them as production.

    Here I am just starting to smooth things out.
    Remember to remove alittle and test fit the magazine, it should slide in without any force.

    Be sure to get the front also a little where the duckbill part of the mag slides in. Remember to remove alittle and test fit the magazine.

    Here is the other side getting smoothed out.
    Remember to remove alittle and test fit the magazine.

    Here I am getting the other side of the magwell where the duckbill part of the mag rest. Remember to remove alittle and test fit the magazine.

    Here is the finished magwell sanded out. It looks better now than when it was unaltered.

    One last test fit, before I assemble the gun.

    A test fit in the gun while out of the stock to ensure all is well there.

    And here it is assembled and the mag in it and ready to fire.

    I fired about 100 rounds thru it without a hiccup, it functions flawless it seems, So far this mod has been very beneficial for use of removeable mags for the SKS.[/QUOTE]
    DSCN2554. DSCN2556. DSCN2560. DSCN2562. DSCN2568. DSCN2571. DSCN2578. DSCN2587. DSCN2599. DSCN2606.
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